Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Communication break down with Layla

Three times today I had to ask Layla to put her pants back on while outside. When she finally complied she told me she had to wear underwear (she had been in a pull-up). I told her that was fine and reminded her to keep her underwear and pants dry. I'm about 90% sure that I asked her to use the toilet if she needed to potty.

(The picture below is from the weekend, but Layla undressing outside has become a very common occurrence that happens at least 2-3 times a day.)

The kids continued to play outside until I suddenly heard Sanaa yell, "NO LAYLA! DON'T PEE ON THE ROCKS!"

I turned to find Layla standing on our rock path with no underwear or pants on and a puddle under her. The conversation that followed went like this:

Me: "Layla, I asked you to potty in the toilet! Why didn't you go inside?"
Layla: "I dunno."
Me: "Is your underwear wet?"
Layla: "No."
Me: "Bring it here. You need to put it on."
Layla: "Here mommy. See. It's dry. You so proud of me? I not pee in my pants. You so proud of me?"
Me: "Ummm... Layla I'm happy that you did not pee in your pants. But we cannot pee on rocks either. You need to pee in the toilet next time."
Layla: "Okay mommy."

So once again, I need to be very clear with Layla. I thought I was but there's good chance she only heard what she wanted which consisted of "keep your underwear dry." And she did....

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