Thursday, May 23, 2013

Sanaa's last day of preschool

Sanaa had her last day of preschool today and is getting ready to head to kindergarten in the fall. This feels like such a huge milestone for us and I'm sure I'll be saying the same thing when she graduates high school and is headed to college. Sanaa had a really fun last day at preschool. They had a school carnival and the students got to play many different games, jump in a bounce house, watch a juggler, and snack on special treats. Sanaa was so full from all the treats that she didn't even touch her lunch.

Below I have a picture of Sanaa from today before we headed out for her last day of preschool and I have a picture from her first day of preschool for a comparison. I'm surprised at how much older she looks from September to May. I really should measure her at the beginning of the school year and the end of the school year. They did that during Sanaa's first week of school and then her last week of school, but they wrote down that she weighs the same and she's the same height. Hmmm.... That can't be right since most of her pants are getting too short so I know she's grown!

In the little book that I was given (it charts Sanaa's academic progress), the last page had some questions that Sanaa answered.
What is the best thing God made? trucks
My favorite Bible story is? Mary had a baby named Jesus
My favorite thing to do at school is? playing in the gym
My favorite school friends are? Lexi
When I grow up I want to be? princess

Sanaa and Mrs. Marek. She was a wonderful teacher and I hope she's still teaching in two years. I told her that if she is still there in two years I plan to have Layla in class. She's quite familiar with Layla since Layla often wanted to stay in her class when we dropped Sanaa off.

Yesterday the 4's classes had a talent show. The kids could do something if they wanted to but didn't have to. Sanaa decided she wanted to play the harmonica. She practiced at home and was very excited. But at the talent show she got a little nervous and only played 3 notes. A low note, a middle note, and a high note. I was quite proud that she actually got up in front of everyone and even attempted to play the harmonica. Some of her classmates were too shy and didn't want to perform.

Right after Sanaa, Lexi (one of her good friends), played the drums and sang Jesus Loves Me. Lexi sang the first line and then stopped and asked for help so then everyone sang along as she played the drums. I like the picture below because Sanaa turned around and gave me a thumbs up after she finished playing the harmonica.

Another friend of Sanaa's, Kelsey, did a head stand in the talent show. I was quite impressed. I don't think I could do a head stand at all anymore.

I don't think it's sunk in that school is out for the summer. I've become so accustomed to rushing around in the mornings that it might take me a few days to realize I don't have to hurry the kids along so we can get in the van. It'll actually be nice to have a slower morning. We do have a fun summer planned and a bunch of birthdays coming up next month so there is definitely plenty to keep us busy. Now if only the rain would go away and the warm weather would return so we could spend more time outside.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Malakai 11 months old

Yesterday Malakai turned 11 months old. Only one month left and we'll be celebrating his first birthday! Since he had his tubes put in a couple weeks ago he has been quite the busy boy. He gets into everything and he's much happier! Just tonight he opened our trash can and helped himself to some of Layla's left over dinner I had tossed in there. (It was the crust from her grilled cheese sandwich. She eats the middle of the sandwich and not the sides). So I removed the trash bag and put in an empty one and Malakai got very angry with me for removing his food source. Oh my word!

Taking pictures now is quite a challenge. Nate had to lay him down and then I would quickly snap a picture. Our camera battery died just as I tried to snap the first picture so I ended up having to use my phone to take pictures instead.

Malakai is making a lot of new sounds now that he has tubes in his ears. He says, "dada, mama, nana, AAHHHHH, and eh." He likes to yell a lot. Sanaa and Layla don't like the yelling and cover their ears with their hands. He has also started waving which is so cute. He waved at several moms at Sanaa's preschool today and the of course they thought it was the cutest thing ever.

He is a very huggable, lovable little guy and enjoys snuggling and cuddling. He also loves to play with faces and will grab someones nose or lips. There have been numerous times he'll place his hands on my cheeks and then lean in for a slobbery kiss. However, you do have to be aware of the potential snuggle/cuddle turning into him biting you. He bites a lot more than the girls ever did.

I am no longer nursing. That ended about a week ago. He was getting too frustrated and was biting me a lot more often. Plus, after I would nurse him he would still drink 4-6 ounces from a bottle so he obviously wasn't getting enough. Overall, he has a pretty big appetite. He prefers to feed himself and just eats bits and pieces of whatever we're having for dinner. He really likes yogurt and applesauce and will let us feed him that. But aside from those two items he doesn't like us to spoon feed him. He also loves his sippy cup (and his sister's sippy cups if they get left where he can reach them). Since he likes the sippy cup so much we decided to just stop using his bottles this week. He doesn't seem to mind at all.

He is growing up way too fast for me! In a 1-2 week period he stopped nursing and using bottles and transitioned to using sippy cups. What will he be doing next week? Cooking for me? Ha!

I often wonder what goes through his little head. He'll get an expression like in the picture below just before he lunges at a toy or tries to grab one of his sisters. He can be very destructive and thoroughly enjoys attempting to reach his sister's drawings on the fridge so that he can rip them and ball them up. We've had a few tears around here as the girls have witnessed Malakai ruin one of their drawings. But we've also learned the importance of hanging up precious pictures much higher.

Malakai also enjoys throwing things. He throws just about anything. I really wonder if this is a boy thing since I don't remember Sanaa or Layla having so much fun just throwing toys. This afternoon he spent a good 10 minutes throwing a small ball and then crawling after it. It was really fun to watch. He also enjoys playing with his farm and his sister's doll house. I think what he enjoys most about those toys is opening and closing the doors and putting animals through windows and other openings.

Being outside is also another thing Malakai really enjoys. He would be extremely happy if I left him outside all day with his sisters but the problem with that is he also likes to try and eat just about anything he finds outside. So I can't take my eyes off of him. I have fished many many items from his mouth and had a good scare one day when he started gagging on something he had put in his mouth.

Since getting the tubes in his ears, Malakai has finally started sleeping better at night. Last week he slept about 10-11 hours at night but then he got sick and started waking up again. We passed a stomach bug around here at the end of last week. Layla, Malakai, and Nate all caught it. So far Sanaa and I have been fine and I hope it stays that way.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Hair cuts

Is 5 1/2 months between hair cuts too long? Probably. But I don't think I realized it had been that long since the girls and I had had our hair cut. I had been meaning to make an appointment for over a month but our weeks filled up so fast that I never made the appointment. 

Thursday the three of us girls got our hair chopped off. Sanaa's hair is the shortest it's been in at least 2 years and she's loving it. She's almost constantly swishing her hair around. Layla's hair isn't quite as short as Sanaa's because she wanted to keep her hair long. But I still had a couple inches taken off of Layla's hair.

Here are the girls after there hair cut. From the front it's kind of hard to see much difference (at least in a picture. In person it's quite noticeable). I didn't think about getting good before and after shots so I had to use some before pictures that I already had.

Sanaa before.

Sanaa after.

Layla before.

Layla after.

The girls before.

Both girls after. Not sure why they decided to pose like that. Kind of funny.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Germs, germs go away....

This week all I've felt like chanting is "germs, germs go away." Last Tuesday (the day of Sanaa's school concert) was the first day that Sanaa started to act funny. She was complaining of her stomach hurting and wouldn't eat much. I figured she was constipated. Wednesday morning she woke up and immediately threw up a small amount so then I thought it was a stomach virus. But she only threw up once and that was it, so I was back to thinking she just needed to poop. Wednesday night she finally pooped and I figured all would be well now. 

Thursday was Sanaa's school field trip to the zoo and she acted fairly normal. She still didn't have her normal appetite but she wasn't complaining as often about her tummy hurting. On Friday she started complaining about her stomach hurting again and wouldn't eat. Friday evening after Nate got home from work I took Sanaa to the doctor. It was a long evening. Sanaa and I didn't get home until 9pm. I found out that she had a urinary tract infection so after seeing the doctor I took Sanaa to the store and we waited for her prescription to be filled. I didn't want to stay out so late with her but it's easier to run errands with just one child than all three plus I wanted her to start her antibiotics that night if possible.

Saturday and Sunday there wasn't much improvement with Sanaa but by Monday she was back to her normal self. So of course I thought we'd have a pretty good week but no such luck. On Tuesday Malakai began teething again and was not happy. He started to refuse food and scream. He also began waking up again at night. Today I saw his 7th tooth starting to come through. 

Wednesday Layla started throwing up. Thankfully she never threw up while we were dropping Sanaa off or picking Sanaa up from preschool. And I'm also thankful that Sanaa was feeling much better by Wednesday and could help keep Malakai distracted while I cleaned up after Layla.

Thursday Layla was doing a lot better. She was acting like her normal self again with her normal appetite, so of course I assumed she just had some 24 hour bug.

But then we got to today. At breakfast everyone except Malakai seemed fine. Malakai was just downright cranky which I attributed to him teething. So off we went to attend our last BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) class until next fall. When I picked up the kids after class Malakai was still crying and I found out that Layla had had diarrhea. Ugh.

Layla continued to have more diarrhea for the rest of the day, she lost her appetite, and she complained about her tummy hurting. Malakai has also been having some diarrhea so now I'm starting to wonder if he has whatever Layla has along with a tooth coming in. Who knows. Whatever is getting passed around needs to leave. I've been cleaning and washing hands like crazy hoping that Sanaa, Nate, and I don't get sick.

This picture was taken earlier this week. I have been carrying Malakai in my sling most of the week. In fact one day as Sanaa and Layla said goodbye to Nate before he left I looked around and wondered where Malakai was. I was just getting ready to ask Nate where Malakai was when I realized I was holding him. Geez. I can understand forgetting sunglasses on your head but forgetting that there's a baby on your hip is just plain crazy.

During one of Malakai's feeling better moments he figured out how to climb on our little horse all by himself. He was so excited about his new accomplishment!

Static hair! Thursday I let Layla play on the play structure at Sanaa's preschool before we picked up Sanaa. Each time she came down the slide she had so much static that her hair stood straight out. She thought it was hilarious.

Next week is Sanaa's last week of preschool. It is hard to believe this school year is ending and she'll be headed to kindergarten in the fall!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mother's Day Fail

So tomorrow is Mother's Day. I got Rosa gifts (no spoilers since she hasn't received them yet), but I wanted to do more for her.

So today I worked. When I got home from work and we were all eating dinner, I told the girls that after dinner, mommy was going to go into her room and lock the door. Then, I would clean up, give everyone a bath, and put everyone to bed.

Rosa raised an eyebrow. She wasn't expecting this but was pleasantly surprised.

In fairness, I've done this before. When Rosa has flute practice I routinely do this sort of thing so that she can get to practice on time.

My intentions were good.

She went into her room. I got Malakai and Layla into their baths and washed them both. Sanaa was laying on the ground nearby because she wasn't feeling well.

Then the following 4 things happened within about 60 seconds.

1. As I was rinsing conditioner out of Layla's hair, Malakai lunged out of the bathtub headfirst and landed with a thud on the floor. He promptly started screaming.

2. I grab him, figuring I should just towel him off and get him dressed, when I realize I hadn't gotten a diaper or clothes for him yet. Wrapping him in a towel, I walked to his bedroom to get a diaper.

3. I felt a warm liquid on my body, and realized that my son has peed on me for the first time.

4. As this is happening, I hear "Daddy, I'm cold! Daddy, I'm cold!" I realize that Layla has climbed out of the bathtub and is standing butt naked and dripping wet on the carpet. I start to dry her with one hand, and Malakai, realizing that Daddy is taking too long to dress him, starts howling. Layla, not to be outdone, starts crying because Malakai is crying.

At this point, I said without even thinking, "I CAN'T DO THIS!!"

This prompted Rosa to leave the bedroom, see the scene before her, realize that her little break was over far too soon, and promptly laugh so hard that she cried.

Happy Mother's Day, Rosa. The house would burn to the ground without you.

Seriously. It really would burn. To the ground.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sanaa's Pre-K 4 spring concert and zoo trip

The month of May hit and it has been busy! This week Sanaa had her spring concert on Tuesday night. It was a lot of fun to watch but long. An hour long. Yes, an hour. That seemed quite long to me but they weren't singing the entire time. The teachers gave every child the opportunity to have a special part in the program. For nearly every song kids got to come forward and hold props or wear a costume. So a good chunk of the hour was spent on the teachers helping the kids with the transitions. Layla was getting quite tired and during the last few songs started asking to go home. But it was still fun to watch.

Sanaa wore her pretty Easter dress to the concert. It turns out one other girl in a different class wore the same exact dress! I think at any other age showing up in the same outfit would be mortifying but Sanaa and this other girl thought it was cool!

This was at the the end of the program and Mrs. Marek was giving the parents instructions on where to pick up the kids. Mrs. Marek is Sanaa's teacher and I think we're lucky Sanaa was placed in her class. I'll be requesting that Layla and Malakai have her when they are 4.

A closer shot of Sanaa. She got to stand in the front. Elias is next to her and then her good friend Lexi is next to Elias.

This is how Malakai spent the concert. Asleep. I thought he was going to be a handful because before the concert started he was climbing over laps, lunging to reach the back of the pew, and constantly moving. But once the kids started screaming singing he fell asleep. I have no idea how he slept through the concert with it being so loud. I guess he's just use to a lot of noise during his naps.

Today Sanaa's preschool class went to the zoo. It was a beautiful day and a lot of fun. Sanaa got to attend a 30 minute bug class which she didn't tell me much about except that she saw a scorpion and some kind of hissing bug. We still haven't figured out what hissing bug she was talking about. We did ask if it was a cockroach and she said no. After her class we got to walk around the zoo and spend as much time as we wanted there. The animals were quite active this morning so it was a lot of fun to see many animals that are typically sleeping when we've gone in the past.

Something that is brand new to our zoo is flamingos. When we saw the sign for flamingos, Sanaa got very excited. When we found them Sanaa squealed with delight.

Sanaa informed us that flamingos are her favorite animal. I'm not sure why they are her favorite but she's been talking about flamingos for nearly a year.

Layla wanted her picture taken with the flamingos in the background as well.

Our zoo also has a baby elephant (Lily) that was born in early December (I believe). The girls loved seeing the baby elephant. Sanaa and Layla both said they want a baby elephant to keep. I told them elephants grew way too big so we couldn't have one but some day we could get them a stuffed elephant.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Spider web cleaner Sanaa

We saw spider webs on the fence and our house (there's lots of spider webs and spiders here which I greatly dislike!). I mentioned to Sanaa and Layla that I needed to remember to ask daddy to go around the house and sweep away the spider webs again so that they wouldn't come in the house. The girls get a huge laugh out of seeing me squeal when a spider is spotted inside. Even Malakai has started laughing at me.

But, shortly after I mentioned having daddy brush away the spider webs, Sanaa grabbed her broom and began walking around brushing away any spider webs she saw. She's done an awesome job for a nearly 5 year old and takes her job quite seriously. She's said to me several times, "You can just call me spider web cleaner Sanaa."

Friday, May 3, 2013

Malakai gets ear tubes

This morning around 5:30am I left the house with Malakai and headed to the hospital so Malakai could get ear tubes. After battling ear infections (or possibly the same one that never left) for over 2 months I was ready for this. Yet, last night I was a little nervous and had a hard time falling asleep. We had been through this before with Sanaa so I think part of my nervousness was remembering what it was like in recovery with her. Sanaa was a mess and would not calm down. She was also nearly 2 years old so I'm sure her age played a factor in her being so uncontrollable.

Nate stayed home with Sanaa and Layla, so it was just me and Malakai. He did really well. Multiple nurses and doctors commented on what a good and easy going baby he was. Before the surgery he did cry some but I think that was due to being hungry, tired (especially since I woke him at 3am to nurse him and then again at 5:30am so we could leave), and he didn't like the nurse taking his blood pressure. He also didn't like the nurse placing the pulse oximeter on his big toe and he let her know about that!

Here are two post-op pictures. He kept biting and pulling at the blood pressure cup. They never were able to get a reading before he was taken back to the operating room.

Still messing with that silly cord attached to blood pressure cup.

Sanaa wanted to know what Malaka's bed looked like. So this picture is for her. The side pulls up to create a crib. The nurse blew bubbles for Malakai as an attempt to distract him from the blood pressure cup on his arm. The distraction worked but she still couldn't get a reading for some reason. We came home with the bubbles, a little brown teddy bear, and a sippy cup! Malakai really likes his new sippy cup.

The surgery was fast. I had time to go to the bathroom, get some coffee, and send a few text messages. Then just as I opened up my book the doctor walked out. I knew it was going to be fast but this felt much faster than Sanaa's surgery when she got tubes.

When the doctor walked out his first words were, "Rubber cement." Not at all what I was expecting to hear. But it turns out the goop/fluid in his ear reminded the doctor of rubber cement or that silly goop that kids play with. He commented that it's a good thing we did the tubes and it appeared that we got them in just before another ear infection set in. We have ear drops that we'll be using over the weekend but then Malakai should be okay. At the end of May we'll go back for another hearing test and an ear check. I'm betting that his hearing will be much better now that the rubber cement is out of his ears.

The doctor left but then returned about 2-3 minutes later and said the nurses were ready for me in the recovery room and he walked me back there. When I got back to recovery area I could hear him crying. There were two nurses with him (one holding him and trying to get him calmed down) and they said he did great. Since he was just waking up he was quite disoriented.

For about 10 minutes he was quite uncontrollable. I tried nursing him, giving him a sippy cup, and finally gave him a bottle. Most times he wants to nurse when he's upset but it didn't work this time. This time he wanted his bottle and he calmed right down once I got that figured out. It made the nurse laugh. He drank about 2 oz from he bottle and then rested on me for about 10-15 minutes.

After his short rest and getting some food in his tummy Malakai was pretty much back to himself. He smiled at the nurse when she came to check on us. He even let the nurse carry him to the entrance and smiled at the other nurses and doctors on the way out! We were back home by 9am. He's now napping and we'll just keep today low key for him.

I love his hair in this last picture. When the doctor saw him before surgery he was impressed that Malakai can get such good height with his hair without gel.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Two independent girls

Do you think Sanaa and Layla are sisters? Their hair from the back is nearly identical! I love it! If they were the same size I doubt I would be able to tell who was who from the back.

Going potty is always much more enjoyable when you're with someone. Layla is doing really well with her potty training. She can stay dry all day but also gets lazy (or is just having too much fun playing to stop) and  will then have an accident. But she's taken a huge step these last two days in that she told me she needed to poop and requested to sit on the potty. Normally she cries and begs for a pull-up if she needs to poop but yesterday she was in a pull-up when she asked to poop on the potty. Yay! I haven't pushed the potty training at all but since she's doing so well it might be time to just use pull-ups at night and not during the day.

This morning all the kids slept in. Nate went to work early and I got up to shower quick before the kids got up but I was able to eat breakfast and drink most of my coffee before any of them got up! Sanaa was actually the first one up at 7:15am (she's typically the last one up). Malakai didn't wake up until nearly 7:45am and Layla finally came out of her room shortly after 8:00am. Them waking up late did make for a very rushed morning since we needed to get Sanaa to school by 9:00am, so the girls got to dress themselves. Normally I let them pick out their clothes and then I gently suggest different pants or a shirt that matches better. This morning I didn't have that luxury and the girls got to wear exactly what they picked out. They definitely have a style all their own.