Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Spring Break 2013 - Pacific City, OR

Spring break was roughly a month ago and I never did get the pictures up from our trip out to the coast. It is so much fun living near the ocean. We spent 3 nights and 4 days out at the coast with the kids. They loved every minute. We spent pretty much the entire day at the beach and were only at our cabin for nap time and bed time. Even the weather was great. It was cool but not freezing and there was only one day we had a little bit of drizzle. The other days were cloudy or partly cloudy.

The girls were excited to use their new buckets, shovels, and sand toys.

This was Malakai's first experience with sand. He had been to beach when he was roughly 3 weeks old so this trip was pretty much his first time at the beach. He was fascinated with the sand and how it felt.

Malakai got tired of me keeping him on the blanket so he ventured off to see what his big sisters were up to. Layla wasn't the happiest that Malakai kept interrupting her play but he was very curious and wanted some of the sand toys to play with as well.

We also did a lot of exploring around rocks and tidal pools. As long as the tide stayed out the girls were fine exploring the rocks. But both girls were afraid of the waves and would not venture near the water at all.

In the tidal pools we found several star fish, anemones, and even some small crabs. The girls were the most excited about the little crabs.

Every little shell and feather the Sanaa found got put in a bucket. When we returned to our cabin, Sanaa and Layla emptied the shells from the bucket and rinsed the sand off with water.

Layla found a hole someone else had dug and thought it was lots of fun sitting in it.

Nate and the girls exploring some of the tidal pools.

Malakai was such a happy boy when we were out at that the beach. I think he thoroughly enjoyed being outside and didn't mind at all that he was carried around a lot as the girls explored.

In the mornings we often went to the beach at Cape Kiwanda and explored the tidal pools. In the afternoons after nap time we discovered another beach (Bob Straub State Park) that had very few people at it. Cape Kiwanda tended to get quite busy with cars and people in the afternoons and the girls actually started to refer to it as the dirty beach since people unfortunately would leave some of their trash behind. The one thing that girls really enjoyed doing at Bob Straub State Park was walking following the sand trails through the tall grass and finding bugs and caterpillars.

Malakai was a little worn out from all the fun at the beach. He was just starting to pull up and stand while we were at the beach so he really enjoyed standing at the couch and standing at the table that held the tv.

The girls were racing a car under each other's legs.

It was hard to leave the coast. The girls really wanted to stay and I don't blame them. I love being at the beach too but we'll get to go back this summer.

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