Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sanaa's chalk drawings

Last week Sanaa and Layla played out front with a little girl next door. (The little girl doesn't live next door but her babysitter does.) I brought out chalk for them to use one day and Sanaa drew a dog (the top picture) and a cat (the bottom picture). Layla drew a spider and then scribbled all over it so there wasn't really anything left to take a picture of.

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angeln_7 said...

sidewalk chalk is the best! unfortunately around here, it doesn't stay contained to the sidewalks, Gracie has chalked on everything in the backyard! Her play house, the basketball hoop, Cozy Coupe, swingset - nothing has been safe from her! Yesterday I heard a funny noise on the side of the house...it was Gracie coloring the siding with chalk. "What mom, it washes off" she says to me! good thing it IS washable chalk!