Thursday, April 25, 2013

Practicing quiet time

Today has been one of those very hard frustrating days with the kids. Malakai has been fussy since last week and the screaming he does at meal time, nap time, and bed time is really starting to wear me down. Add to that, the girls not looking at books quietly during their rest time but instead fighting, playing, jumping, and talking really loud in their room (which woke Malakai up) and well I pretty much lost it. I spent nearly an hour removing stuffed animals from the girls room, taking away tv privileges, taking away the privilege of going to the park or playing outside, and even spanking to get the girls to be quiet. But nothing seemed to work or phase them.

And then Malakai woke up and I spent another 30 minutes trying to get him back to sleep because he never did nap this morning and I desperately wanted a break from the kids.

But Malakai wouldn't go back to sleep and the girls wouldn't quiet down. So I didn't know what else to do and now the girls are spending the rest of the afternoon until dinner time practicing quiet time in their room. I'm not sure if that is harsh or not but maybe a long afternoon of being in their room and unable to play outside on this nice sunny day will get through to them. Their rest time is seriously not that long (45-60 minutes) considering that the majority of their friends around here still nap for a couple hours and they don't.

It's still not completely quiet in their room but at least they aren't screaming and banging around like they were earlier. Malakai is up for the rest of the day and getting into lots of mischief but I'm hoping that tomorrow is a better day. It has to be better right?

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