Friday, April 26, 2013

Pictures from the week

Early this morning (around 6:15am) Nate headed to Medford, OR with my dad for a mission's conference. They'll be back tomorrow evening and hopefully make it in time for my flute concert. But after a rough day yesterday with the kids and knowing that I was on my own today I wasn't very excited to begin the day. It's been slightly better than yesterday. The girls did stay quiet for about 30 minutes this afternoon for quiet time which was much better than yesterday. However, bedtime isn't going so well. It's 8:30pm right now and I still hear talking. 

Here are a bunch of pictures from the past week or so that I haven't gotten around to posting. 

I've tried a few times to play board games with the girls. We've never made it through an entire game. Layla doesn't have the attention span and will often play by her own rules. This of course irritates Sanaa and then they fight so I put the game away. 

Bubbles are so much fun! Malakai loves them! Plus, Layla and Sanaa love blowing them, so everyone is happy.

This picture makes me smile (even after a couple of hard days). I love Layla's pose and smile. I came home from taking Malakai to the doctor and discovered that Layla had dressed herself. Nate also informed me that Layla would not let him fix her hair.

Playing in the mud in their dresses. I think they might have actually been digging for some worms.

I caught Layla smearing mud on her arms and hands. When she stood up I also got to see just how muddy her dress and legs were too. I used about half a bottle of stain remover on her dress and luckily the mud came out.

Last weekend the girls were invited to a birthday party. They had a lot of fun and even got some airbrush tattoos. Sanaa choose a kitty and Layla picked a butterfly. The tattoos washed off in the bath so I'm glad I got a picture of them.

I don't know what it is about our dish washer but Malakai loves it. He can be clear across the room but once I open it he makes a beeline for it. There has been a few times that he has unloaded some of the dishes I just loaded.

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