Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Note to self: be specific when talking to Layla

This afternoon Sanaa ran outside and Layla wanted to go out too. But she didn't have pants or underwear on (just a shirt/dress - a longer shirt with tulle on it). I told her to get some underwear and pants before she went outside. She quickly ran to her room while I washed my hands (Malakai had spit up on me). I walked out into our kitchen area and discovered the back door open and Layla's pants and underwear on the floor.

I yelled outside, "Layla, come here! You need to put your underwear and pants on." (Who knows what the neighbor's were thinking since I saw that their back door was open too.)

Layla came walking over and said, "But I just got my pants and underwear."

Ugh. Yes, she got her clothing which is technically all I asked her to do. I guess actually putting them on was only implied.

Lesson learned: Next time I'll ask her to get her clothing AND put it on.

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