Saturday, April 20, 2013

Malakai - 10 months old

Only two more months and we'll be celebrating a 1st birthday around here. This month we have dealt with ear infection after ear infection. Poor Malakai is not getting better. This past Thursday Malakai had a hearing test and an appointment with the ENT (ear, nose, throat specialist). His hearing results were borderline normal, so not good but not bad. He tends to hear slightly better with his left ear. Currently both ears have fluid in them and he just finished his 4th round of antibiotics. I have a strong suspicion that the delay in his communication and social skills are due to the fact that he's had so many ear infections over the past few months that he's not hearing very well. I decided to hold off on having ECI evaluate him until we can get his ears cleared up. Then I'll give him some time to see if he catches up to where he should be. So, in two weeks (Friday May 3) Malakai will be getting tubes in his ears. 

If today was any indication how the next two weeks are going to go with him, it is going to be a long two weeks until he can get the tubes in. He's not a happy boy for a majority of the day. He does have his moments where he's happy to play but he's also doing a lot of whining, screaming during diaper changes, throwing food, screaming when I try to feed him solids, and he's not sleeping well. He continues to wake at least once during the night and right now it's between 12am-1am when he wakes up crying/screaming. 

At 10 months he is becoming a fast crawler. One of his favorite games currently is chasing his sisters, which his sisters enjoy too. He's good at disappearing and I'll find him in one of the bedrooms or the bathroom. He is loving bath time again and gets mad if I take him out before he is ready.

Pictures were hard to get and Nate had to help out this month. I had the camera ready and Nate would lay Malakai down so that I could snap a quick picture. But he still rolled away quickly.

Sanaa and Layla also wanted in the picture so I figured we would try and get a picture of all three of them. But Malakai still wouldn't cooperate.

Malakai is pulling up and standing all the time. He'll use anything to pull up on and that has led to him falling many times when he picks an object that is not sturdy. He makes meal prep difficult and usually picks that time to crawl around my legs and pull up to stand waiting for me to pick him up. He doesn't use the baby swing to sit in anymore (in fact I took it to a consignment sale this week) but preferred to stand in front of it and play with toys on it.

Malakai is a screamer. Neither Sanaa or Layla screamed as loud or as often as Malakai. He screams to get your attention, he screams when he's mad, and he screams when he's happy and playing.

I had to snap the following picture because when I was a little girl I use to suck my pointer finger the same way Malakai has start sucking his pointer and middle finger.

He would love to able to climb on the horse like his big sisters but hasn't quite figured out how to get on it yet.

Our cat door is a huge fascination for Malakai. So far he's only stuck his hands through but I'm waiting for the day that he actually attempts to squeeze his whole body through.

Malakai has shown me that it's never to early for him to start picking on his big sisters. In his defense, he was playing at the slide first and the girls decided they absolutely could not wait for him to move before sliding down. He also likes to attack his sisters if they lie down on the floor. He'll climb on top of them and even pull their hair.

Just like his sisters, he loves playing outside and loves dirt. If I let the girls play outside but I keep Malakai in he will let me know just how displeased he is with my decision.

Malakai is eating (and throwing) a lot of finger foods. Some days he won't let me feed him at all. His favorite finger food is peas. Go figure. He didn't like peas when I pureed them, but as a finger food he loves them. He also likes cheerios but will choose a pea over a cheerio. I also discovered this week that he likes meatballs too.

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