Monday, April 8, 2013

Layla's shenanigan's and a family health update

I don't have any pictures for this post and just wanted to update a few things while they were in my head. To begin with, I thought I'd share about Layla's latest shenanigan. On Saturday, she locked me out in the garage. Yep. You read that right. My 2 1/2 year old daughter locked me out of the house. Now I wasn't stuck in the garage because I could have opened the large garage door and walked outside. However, every door that led into the house was locked.

Our washer and dryer is located in the garage and I walked out to move a load from the washer to the dryer. Sanaa was looking ("reading") a book in our living room, Malakai was playing happily with toys in the dining room/kitchen (where most of his toys are located), and Layla was running back and forth between the two rooms. I told Sanaa I was headed out to the garage and I'd be right back in. She said, "uh-huh" in the tone of voice that indicated that she had sort of heard me but was more engaged with her book.

The door to our garage is right off the living room and after it closed I heard a little click but didn't think much of it. I remember catching a glimpse of Layla running by just before the door closed completely. After I finished moving the laundry into the dryer I turned and headed back inside except the door was locked!

I was only locked out for 15-30 seconds but my heart started pounding. I pounded on the door and told Layla to unlock it immediately. She did and I asked her why she locked me out and she just said, "I dunno." I sent her to her room and then we had a talk about how it was not okay to lock me out of the house because if she, or Sanaa, or Malakai got hurt I wouldn't be able to help them.

Goodness. Now I'm going to have to hide a house key in the garage just in case I get locked out again while doing laundry.

Now for a health update. After Malakai's 9-month check up I wrote about his ECI referral. I talked with an ECI case worker via phone and decided to hold off for another month before getting him evaluated. He's starting to play more games and makes a few more sounds. At his check up he also had another ear infection so I wanted to give him time to get better before he was evaluated. I think I was hoping that once his infection cleared up he would start making more sounds and catch up with his communication.

Today we took Malakai back to the pediatrician for an ear check and while his ears did not have any fluid or puss they were pink. He has also started playing and pulling at his ears again but has no fever. It's hard to tell if Malakai is at the beginning stages of yet another ear infection or not. We left the pediatrician's office with another prescription for a 4th antibiotic and a referral to an ENT (Ear, Nose, Throat specialist). We can fill the prescription if we want but I haven't yet. I'm hesitant to put on him on more antibiotics without being completely sure he has another ear infection. I guess we'll see how the next few nights and days go.

We have an appointment set up with the ENT for next Thursday (April 18). Malakai will have a hearing test done and then we'll meet with the doctor after that. I would say that at this point there is a good chance that Malakai will end up with tubes. This one ear infection he's had has not cleared up and we're now on a 4th antibiotic. But I guess we'll know more after next Thursday.

As for me, I've been referred to an orthopedic doctor for my wrist and hand issues. I've dealt with problems with my right hand and wrist since college but recently its gotten worse. I struggle to make it through flute practice with the flute ensemble and by the end of most days I don't have a lot of strength left in my right hand. I've been seeing a chiropractor for the last 3-4 weeks and it seemed like it was slowly getting better. But after flute practice last week it started hurting more. So today the chiropractor referred me to another doctor. My appointment with the orthopedic doctor is scheduled for Monday, April 22nd.

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