Sunday, April 7, 2013


I'm doing some catch up right now. I still haven't talked about our spring break trip to the coast but I figured I'd at least get some Easter pictures up. I have so many pictures from the coast that I need to decide which ones to post. 

We had a wonderful Easter. The girls loved wearing their dresses that Gramma Carol and Papa Gene sent. Everyone at church commented on how cute and adorable the girls were.

Malakai was lucky and had two outfits for Easter. It was a cool morning so his first outfit was long sleeve. While it looks like he's wearing a 3-piece suit, it's actually all connected and more like a jumper (if that makes sense). I have never seen anything like it! There are buttons in the back and under his legs so you can slide the whole outfit over his head. (I think he might need a haircut soon! That is one funky hair-do he is sporting.)

His second outfit for the day after the sun came out and warmed things up was a cute green overall outfit.

This was the best picture I could get with the kids. I have a picture taken with Nate as well, but apparently forgot to load it onto the computer. (All the pictures in this post were taken with my phone.) We couldn't get Layla to smile for any of the pictures. She kept making funny faces.

This is just one of many out-take pictures. The girls were being quite silly.

And then there was Malakai who would not leave my necklace alone and I spent most of the time trying to get my necklace away from him.

At church the girls participated in an Easter egg hunt and got a lot of candy. After church we drove to my parents house and had lunch. Malakai was especially fascinated with crawling under the table and Sanaa and Layla had to join him.

Uncle Ryan sporting some bunny ears.

Everyone going through their Easter buckets. The kids got some fun stuff.

Both Sanaa and Layla were very excited about the bug catchers they received from grandma. They have spent this entire last week looking for bugs, slugs, and worms to put in their bugs catchers. I discovered this week that the bug catchers are not slug proof and the smaller slugs can actually squeeze through the mesh sides.

After going through their Easter buckets, we went outside and the girls had another Easter hunt. Malakai didn't get to participate since he's not quite old enough and Ariana wasn't feeling the best, so Sanaa and Layla were really the only ones to do much hunting. After the kids had their hunt, the adults (Nate, my brother, my sister-in-law, and I) got to go on an Easter egg hunt too. I lost. I was the last one to find all my eggs and ended up needing the help of everyone to find the last egg! Sanaa's biggest memory (that she still brings up) is how uncle Ryan attempted to steal the one egg I did find and we almost ended up in a wrestling match. Thankfully there are no pictures of that!

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