Friday, April 26, 2013

Pictures from the week

Early this morning (around 6:15am) Nate headed to Medford, OR with my dad for a mission's conference. They'll be back tomorrow evening and hopefully make it in time for my flute concert. But after a rough day yesterday with the kids and knowing that I was on my own today I wasn't very excited to begin the day. It's been slightly better than yesterday. The girls did stay quiet for about 30 minutes this afternoon for quiet time which was much better than yesterday. However, bedtime isn't going so well. It's 8:30pm right now and I still hear talking. 

Here are a bunch of pictures from the past week or so that I haven't gotten around to posting. 

I've tried a few times to play board games with the girls. We've never made it through an entire game. Layla doesn't have the attention span and will often play by her own rules. This of course irritates Sanaa and then they fight so I put the game away. 

Bubbles are so much fun! Malakai loves them! Plus, Layla and Sanaa love blowing them, so everyone is happy.

This picture makes me smile (even after a couple of hard days). I love Layla's pose and smile. I came home from taking Malakai to the doctor and discovered that Layla had dressed herself. Nate also informed me that Layla would not let him fix her hair.

Playing in the mud in their dresses. I think they might have actually been digging for some worms.

I caught Layla smearing mud on her arms and hands. When she stood up I also got to see just how muddy her dress and legs were too. I used about half a bottle of stain remover on her dress and luckily the mud came out.

Last weekend the girls were invited to a birthday party. They had a lot of fun and even got some airbrush tattoos. Sanaa choose a kitty and Layla picked a butterfly. The tattoos washed off in the bath so I'm glad I got a picture of them.

I don't know what it is about our dish washer but Malakai loves it. He can be clear across the room but once I open it he makes a beeline for it. There has been a few times that he has unloaded some of the dishes I just loaded.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Practicing quiet time

Today has been one of those very hard frustrating days with the kids. Malakai has been fussy since last week and the screaming he does at meal time, nap time, and bed time is really starting to wear me down. Add to that, the girls not looking at books quietly during their rest time but instead fighting, playing, jumping, and talking really loud in their room (which woke Malakai up) and well I pretty much lost it. I spent nearly an hour removing stuffed animals from the girls room, taking away tv privileges, taking away the privilege of going to the park or playing outside, and even spanking to get the girls to be quiet. But nothing seemed to work or phase them.

And then Malakai woke up and I spent another 30 minutes trying to get him back to sleep because he never did nap this morning and I desperately wanted a break from the kids.

But Malakai wouldn't go back to sleep and the girls wouldn't quiet down. So I didn't know what else to do and now the girls are spending the rest of the afternoon until dinner time practicing quiet time in their room. I'm not sure if that is harsh or not but maybe a long afternoon of being in their room and unable to play outside on this nice sunny day will get through to them. Their rest time is seriously not that long (45-60 minutes) considering that the majority of their friends around here still nap for a couple hours and they don't.

It's still not completely quiet in their room but at least they aren't screaming and banging around like they were earlier. Malakai is up for the rest of the day and getting into lots of mischief but I'm hoping that tomorrow is a better day. It has to be better right?

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Building a fort

One sunny afternoon a week or so ago I looked outside to check on Sanaa and Layla. I saw Sanaa busy making some kind of fort. At first I didn't see Layla but then realized that she was inside the fort that Sanaa was making. I'm pretty sure Sanaa used every large toy and umbrella that was outside that she could physically drag herself for this fort. I took several pictures to document her progress. 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sanaa's chalk drawings

Last week Sanaa and Layla played out front with a little girl next door. (The little girl doesn't live next door but her babysitter does.) I brought out chalk for them to use one day and Sanaa drew a dog (the top picture) and a cat (the bottom picture). Layla drew a spider and then scribbled all over it so there wasn't really anything left to take a picture of.

Spring Break 2013 - Pacific City, OR

Spring break was roughly a month ago and I never did get the pictures up from our trip out to the coast. It is so much fun living near the ocean. We spent 3 nights and 4 days out at the coast with the kids. They loved every minute. We spent pretty much the entire day at the beach and were only at our cabin for nap time and bed time. Even the weather was great. It was cool but not freezing and there was only one day we had a little bit of drizzle. The other days were cloudy or partly cloudy.

The girls were excited to use their new buckets, shovels, and sand toys.

This was Malakai's first experience with sand. He had been to beach when he was roughly 3 weeks old so this trip was pretty much his first time at the beach. He was fascinated with the sand and how it felt.

Malakai got tired of me keeping him on the blanket so he ventured off to see what his big sisters were up to. Layla wasn't the happiest that Malakai kept interrupting her play but he was very curious and wanted some of the sand toys to play with as well.

We also did a lot of exploring around rocks and tidal pools. As long as the tide stayed out the girls were fine exploring the rocks. But both girls were afraid of the waves and would not venture near the water at all.

In the tidal pools we found several star fish, anemones, and even some small crabs. The girls were the most excited about the little crabs.

Every little shell and feather the Sanaa found got put in a bucket. When we returned to our cabin, Sanaa and Layla emptied the shells from the bucket and rinsed the sand off with water.

Layla found a hole someone else had dug and thought it was lots of fun sitting in it.

Nate and the girls exploring some of the tidal pools.

Malakai was such a happy boy when we were out at that the beach. I think he thoroughly enjoyed being outside and didn't mind at all that he was carried around a lot as the girls explored.

In the mornings we often went to the beach at Cape Kiwanda and explored the tidal pools. In the afternoons after nap time we discovered another beach (Bob Straub State Park) that had very few people at it. Cape Kiwanda tended to get quite busy with cars and people in the afternoons and the girls actually started to refer to it as the dirty beach since people unfortunately would leave some of their trash behind. The one thing that girls really enjoyed doing at Bob Straub State Park was walking following the sand trails through the tall grass and finding bugs and caterpillars.

Malakai was a little worn out from all the fun at the beach. He was just starting to pull up and stand while we were at the beach so he really enjoyed standing at the couch and standing at the table that held the tv.

The girls were racing a car under each other's legs.

It was hard to leave the coast. The girls really wanted to stay and I don't blame them. I love being at the beach too but we'll get to go back this summer.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Malakai - 10 months old

Only two more months and we'll be celebrating a 1st birthday around here. This month we have dealt with ear infection after ear infection. Poor Malakai is not getting better. This past Thursday Malakai had a hearing test and an appointment with the ENT (ear, nose, throat specialist). His hearing results were borderline normal, so not good but not bad. He tends to hear slightly better with his left ear. Currently both ears have fluid in them and he just finished his 4th round of antibiotics. I have a strong suspicion that the delay in his communication and social skills are due to the fact that he's had so many ear infections over the past few months that he's not hearing very well. I decided to hold off on having ECI evaluate him until we can get his ears cleared up. Then I'll give him some time to see if he catches up to where he should be. So, in two weeks (Friday May 3) Malakai will be getting tubes in his ears. 

If today was any indication how the next two weeks are going to go with him, it is going to be a long two weeks until he can get the tubes in. He's not a happy boy for a majority of the day. He does have his moments where he's happy to play but he's also doing a lot of whining, screaming during diaper changes, throwing food, screaming when I try to feed him solids, and he's not sleeping well. He continues to wake at least once during the night and right now it's between 12am-1am when he wakes up crying/screaming. 

At 10 months he is becoming a fast crawler. One of his favorite games currently is chasing his sisters, which his sisters enjoy too. He's good at disappearing and I'll find him in one of the bedrooms or the bathroom. He is loving bath time again and gets mad if I take him out before he is ready.

Pictures were hard to get and Nate had to help out this month. I had the camera ready and Nate would lay Malakai down so that I could snap a quick picture. But he still rolled away quickly.

Sanaa and Layla also wanted in the picture so I figured we would try and get a picture of all three of them. But Malakai still wouldn't cooperate.

Malakai is pulling up and standing all the time. He'll use anything to pull up on and that has led to him falling many times when he picks an object that is not sturdy. He makes meal prep difficult and usually picks that time to crawl around my legs and pull up to stand waiting for me to pick him up. He doesn't use the baby swing to sit in anymore (in fact I took it to a consignment sale this week) but preferred to stand in front of it and play with toys on it.

Malakai is a screamer. Neither Sanaa or Layla screamed as loud or as often as Malakai. He screams to get your attention, he screams when he's mad, and he screams when he's happy and playing.

I had to snap the following picture because when I was a little girl I use to suck my pointer finger the same way Malakai has start sucking his pointer and middle finger.

He would love to able to climb on the horse like his big sisters but hasn't quite figured out how to get on it yet.

Our cat door is a huge fascination for Malakai. So far he's only stuck his hands through but I'm waiting for the day that he actually attempts to squeeze his whole body through.

Malakai has shown me that it's never to early for him to start picking on his big sisters. In his defense, he was playing at the slide first and the girls decided they absolutely could not wait for him to move before sliding down. He also likes to attack his sisters if they lie down on the floor. He'll climb on top of them and even pull their hair.

Just like his sisters, he loves playing outside and loves dirt. If I let the girls play outside but I keep Malakai in he will let me know just how displeased he is with my decision.

Malakai is eating (and throwing) a lot of finger foods. Some days he won't let me feed him at all. His favorite finger food is peas. Go figure. He didn't like peas when I pureed them, but as a finger food he loves them. He also likes cheerios but will choose a pea over a cheerio. I also discovered this week that he likes meatballs too.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Note to self: be specific when talking to Layla

This afternoon Sanaa ran outside and Layla wanted to go out too. But she didn't have pants or underwear on (just a shirt/dress - a longer shirt with tulle on it). I told her to get some underwear and pants before she went outside. She quickly ran to her room while I washed my hands (Malakai had spit up on me). I walked out into our kitchen area and discovered the back door open and Layla's pants and underwear on the floor.

I yelled outside, "Layla, come here! You need to put your underwear and pants on." (Who knows what the neighbor's were thinking since I saw that their back door was open too.)

Layla came walking over and said, "But I just got my pants and underwear."

Ugh. Yes, she got her clothing which is technically all I asked her to do. I guess actually putting them on was only implied.

Lesson learned: Next time I'll ask her to get her clothing AND put it on.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Layla's shenanigan's and a family health update

I don't have any pictures for this post and just wanted to update a few things while they were in my head. To begin with, I thought I'd share about Layla's latest shenanigan. On Saturday, she locked me out in the garage. Yep. You read that right. My 2 1/2 year old daughter locked me out of the house. Now I wasn't stuck in the garage because I could have opened the large garage door and walked outside. However, every door that led into the house was locked.

Our washer and dryer is located in the garage and I walked out to move a load from the washer to the dryer. Sanaa was looking ("reading") a book in our living room, Malakai was playing happily with toys in the dining room/kitchen (where most of his toys are located), and Layla was running back and forth between the two rooms. I told Sanaa I was headed out to the garage and I'd be right back in. She said, "uh-huh" in the tone of voice that indicated that she had sort of heard me but was more engaged with her book.

The door to our garage is right off the living room and after it closed I heard a little click but didn't think much of it. I remember catching a glimpse of Layla running by just before the door closed completely. After I finished moving the laundry into the dryer I turned and headed back inside except the door was locked!

I was only locked out for 15-30 seconds but my heart started pounding. I pounded on the door and told Layla to unlock it immediately. She did and I asked her why she locked me out and she just said, "I dunno." I sent her to her room and then we had a talk about how it was not okay to lock me out of the house because if she, or Sanaa, or Malakai got hurt I wouldn't be able to help them.

Goodness. Now I'm going to have to hide a house key in the garage just in case I get locked out again while doing laundry.

Now for a health update. After Malakai's 9-month check up I wrote about his ECI referral. I talked with an ECI case worker via phone and decided to hold off for another month before getting him evaluated. He's starting to play more games and makes a few more sounds. At his check up he also had another ear infection so I wanted to give him time to get better before he was evaluated. I think I was hoping that once his infection cleared up he would start making more sounds and catch up with his communication.

Today we took Malakai back to the pediatrician for an ear check and while his ears did not have any fluid or puss they were pink. He has also started playing and pulling at his ears again but has no fever. It's hard to tell if Malakai is at the beginning stages of yet another ear infection or not. We left the pediatrician's office with another prescription for a 4th antibiotic and a referral to an ENT (Ear, Nose, Throat specialist). We can fill the prescription if we want but I haven't yet. I'm hesitant to put on him on more antibiotics without being completely sure he has another ear infection. I guess we'll see how the next few nights and days go.

We have an appointment set up with the ENT for next Thursday (April 18). Malakai will have a hearing test done and then we'll meet with the doctor after that. I would say that at this point there is a good chance that Malakai will end up with tubes. This one ear infection he's had has not cleared up and we're now on a 4th antibiotic. But I guess we'll know more after next Thursday.

As for me, I've been referred to an orthopedic doctor for my wrist and hand issues. I've dealt with problems with my right hand and wrist since college but recently its gotten worse. I struggle to make it through flute practice with the flute ensemble and by the end of most days I don't have a lot of strength left in my right hand. I've been seeing a chiropractor for the last 3-4 weeks and it seemed like it was slowly getting better. But after flute practice last week it started hurting more. So today the chiropractor referred me to another doctor. My appointment with the orthopedic doctor is scheduled for Monday, April 22nd.

Sunday, April 7, 2013


I'm doing some catch up right now. I still haven't talked about our spring break trip to the coast but I figured I'd at least get some Easter pictures up. I have so many pictures from the coast that I need to decide which ones to post. 

We had a wonderful Easter. The girls loved wearing their dresses that Gramma Carol and Papa Gene sent. Everyone at church commented on how cute and adorable the girls were.

Malakai was lucky and had two outfits for Easter. It was a cool morning so his first outfit was long sleeve. While it looks like he's wearing a 3-piece suit, it's actually all connected and more like a jumper (if that makes sense). I have never seen anything like it! There are buttons in the back and under his legs so you can slide the whole outfit over his head. (I think he might need a haircut soon! That is one funky hair-do he is sporting.)

His second outfit for the day after the sun came out and warmed things up was a cute green overall outfit.

This was the best picture I could get with the kids. I have a picture taken with Nate as well, but apparently forgot to load it onto the computer. (All the pictures in this post were taken with my phone.) We couldn't get Layla to smile for any of the pictures. She kept making funny faces.

This is just one of many out-take pictures. The girls were being quite silly.

And then there was Malakai who would not leave my necklace alone and I spent most of the time trying to get my necklace away from him.

At church the girls participated in an Easter egg hunt and got a lot of candy. After church we drove to my parents house and had lunch. Malakai was especially fascinated with crawling under the table and Sanaa and Layla had to join him.

Uncle Ryan sporting some bunny ears.

Everyone going through their Easter buckets. The kids got some fun stuff.

Both Sanaa and Layla were very excited about the bug catchers they received from grandma. They have spent this entire last week looking for bugs, slugs, and worms to put in their bugs catchers. I discovered this week that the bug catchers are not slug proof and the smaller slugs can actually squeeze through the mesh sides.

After going through their Easter buckets, we went outside and the girls had another Easter hunt. Malakai didn't get to participate since he's not quite old enough and Ariana wasn't feeling the best, so Sanaa and Layla were really the only ones to do much hunting. After the kids had their hunt, the adults (Nate, my brother, my sister-in-law, and I) got to go on an Easter egg hunt too. I lost. I was the last one to find all my eggs and ended up needing the help of everyone to find the last egg! Sanaa's biggest memory (that she still brings up) is how uncle Ryan attempted to steal the one egg I did find and we almost ended up in a wrestling match. Thankfully there are no pictures of that!