Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Trip to Pennsylvania - Part 5

On Sunday we attended church with my grandpa. I have a lot of memories visiting their church as a child. One memory is how grandpa would always have some smarties (the candy) in his suit jacket pocket and during the sermon my brother and I would each get a roll of smarties to eat quietly while the pastor preached. 

After church we went Cracker Barrel for lunch. Cracker Barrel was one of the places that my grandparents often ate at.

My mom, grandpa, and Sanaa waiting for our food.

My dad and Layla buttering their rolls. Layla is so independent. At 2 1/2 years old she has to do everything herself and spreading butter on her roll was something only she could do.

Our handsome boy all ready for some lunch.

Malakai didn't last long in his high chair and Nate ended up holding him while we ate.

More pictures of time with the extended family.
Sunday evening most of the family came to my grandpa's house for dinner.

Layla looking at pictures on aunt Phyllis' (my mom's sister) phone.

Sanaa taking pictures with uncle Ken's phone.

My cousin Melissa and her dad (uncle Ray).

Sanaa was taking a picture of my cousin Valerie and her husband Josiah.

Aunt Phyllis showing us how flexible she still is! Bailey (my cousin's daughter) was watching.

On our trip out and our trip home Layla insisted on pulling at least one bag through the airport. It was great having her help!

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