Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Trip to Pennsylvania - Part 4

Eventually I'll finish up my Pennsylvania posts. I still have more pictures I want to share so I might end up with 6 or 7 parts to the Pennsylvania instead of just 4 or 5. After my grandma's funeral we had lunch at the church which was a good time for everyone to share memories and spend more time together. 

This picture of Layla and my grandpa is probably one of my favorites from the trip.

Uncle Ken (my mom's brother) with Layla and Sanaa.

My grandpa sitting and eating with his four children and their spouses.

A lot of Amish live around my grandparents area so anytime we heard the clip clop of horse feet we ran to the window to see the horse and buggy. The rest of the Pennsylvania family made fun of us out-of-staters for getting so excited about seeing horse and buggies but at least we were entertained!

Sanaa snuggling with great grandpa.

Malakai enjoyed grabbing great grandpa's hair. Malakai and great grandpa have a very similar hair style. Several of the other family members noticed that their hair style matched so now we know where Malakai gets his cool hair-do. 

Story time with aunt Nancy.

Another story time with uncle Ken. Sanaa and Layla had aunt Nancy and uncle Ken reading from their Curious George book.

Sanaa hanging out with my cousin's son (Nolan).

Malakai chewing on blocks while grandpa builds with them. This is another picture I really like.

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