Sunday, March 10, 2013

Trip to Pennsylvania - part 2

While in Pennsylvania I got to see all my extended family on my mom's side. Our first evening there (Friday) we had dinner at my uncle Ken and aunt Nancy's house. After dinner we took some family pictures.

All the great grandkids. Malakai was not very happy at this point and was getting quite tired.

Grandpa with all 11 of his great grand kids.

Grandpa with most of his grand children. Three were missing from this shot (my cousin Joe and my two step cousins Shawna and Justin). I happen to be the oldest grandchild on this side of the family (whereas on my dad's side of the family I'm the second to youngest with my brother being the youngest).

Grandpa and his 4 children. Back row: uncle Ken and my mom. Front row: aunt Brenda, grandpa, and aunt Phyllis. My mom is the oldest of her siblings.

My brother, sister-in-law, and niece with grandpa.

Sanaa, Layla, and Malakai with their great grandpa. The kids really enjoyed him and had a lot of fun playing with him. Layla still talks about how she loved great grandpa and playing with him.

A family picture with grandpa. We took this the last night we were in Pennsylvania after the kids had their bath.

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