Saturday, March 2, 2013

Trip to Pennsylvania - part 1

One week ago we were in Pennsylvania for my grandma's funeral. I am thankful we were able to be there but it was an emotionally hard weekend. We spent all day Thursday traveling. We left our house shortly after 7:30am. The girls were excited to fly on a big plane, which was good since we were flying on two different planes. Malakai even did pretty well on the plane. It definitely helped having my dad and Nate there so we could pass Malakai around.

Sanaa hanging out at the airport in Portland waiting to board our plane.

My brother, sister-in-law, and niece also traveled with us to Pennsylvania. I thought Ariana did great on the flights. It was fun watching Ariana walk around the terminal during our layover in Salt Lake City. The best part was how she kept walking to tile floor and then sitting down to watch everyone pass by. She would not sit on the carpet but insisted on sitting on the tile floor.

Even though Malakai did fairly well on the flights, he did have a hard time sleeping and didn't nap all that much. During our one layover I got him to fall asleep and laid him down on the floor. He slept a few minutes until he was disturbed by his sisters. Oh, well, a short nap was better than nothing.

We arrived in Pennsylvania late Thursday night (around 11:30pm eastern time). By the time we got to my grandpa's house and got all the kids down it was past 2am (eastern time). The kids were worn out and Nate and I were worn out too.  We slept in on Friday morning and spent the day just hanging out.

Sanaa and Layla had a wonderful time meeting and playing with their great grandpa. They laughed a lot, which I think was really good for my grandpa.

Layla even got great grandpa to dance with her a little bit and that was very entertaining to watch.

Malakai thoroughly enjoyed exploring the new toys and I think he really enjoyed the exersaucer that my aunt Brenda let us borrow while we were there. I'm pretty sure he was disappointed to come home to our boring old exersaucer.

Sanaa and Layla also had fun playing with all the toys. Some of the toys were actually toys that my grandparents had kept and were ones that I use to play with as a little girl. The radio (that both girls fought over) was one toy that I remember playing with.

Sanaa taking a short rest with grandpa.

Layla was having a conversation with grandma. I'm sure she was telling grandma something important.

Friday evening we walked over to my uncle Ken and aunt Nancy's house for dinner (they live right across the street from my grandpa). The whole family gathered together so that we could see each other and begin our weekend of remembering grandma. We did get some group shots of all the great grandkids and grandkids but I'll have to get those pictures from my parents.

In the picture below, Ariana is sitting with great grandpa.

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