Friday, March 15, 2013

Malakai and the great outdoors

Malakai is full on crawling now and he loves his freedom. The army crawl appears to be a thing of the past already. He'll be 9 months old next week and I'm not use to having a baby so mobile at such a young age. I find myself carrying Malakai around much more than I did Sanaa or Layla because I really can't trust him to stay put and not get into mischief. He is so curious and will make his way out of the room where I am working into another area of the house. I'm also constantly picking up after the girls because so many small items get left on the floor and Malakai makes a beeline for them. 

We've had a few nice days this week and the girls have enjoyed playing outside. Each time I let the girls play in the backyard, Malakai would look at the back door and start fussing. I tried a couple of times to get him to play with some toys so I could get a few things done in the kitchen but he would crawl over to me, pull himself up on his knees while holding onto my pant leg, and fuss until I picked him up. Needless to say, the kitchen chores ended up being put on hold while I took Malakai outside to join his sisters. He was much happier outside.

He really enjoyed crawling to the edge of our deck and reaching over to grab the grass, leaves, and dirt. And yes, he did eat part of a leaf. He got it in his mouth so quick and would not let me take it out. 

At one point our cat Keldorn got in Malakai's way, so Malakai attempted to crawl right over Keldorn. Keldorn did not appreciate a baby on top of him and wisely moved out of Malakai's path and laid down beside him.

I finally just put Malakai in the grass since he was so intent on trying to reach it from the deck. I didn't want him falling off onto his head even though the deck really isn't that high up.

But once I put him on the grass he just turned around and crawled back to the deck where he sat on his knees banging his hands on the deck and watching his sisters run around.

He did finally put a handful of grass on the deck and sat there happily playing with it. I think he is really going to enjoy this summer and all the playing and exploring he'll get to do outside with his two big sisters.

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