Saturday, March 30, 2013

Fun in the sun

We had some warm and beautiful weather out here in the northwest the past couple of days and the kids have had a blast playing outside. While Sanaa and Layla have been busy outside, Malakai has been busy inside. Two days after he turned 9 months old he started pulling up and standing.

The past couple of days Malakai has been standing in his crib each time he's woken up from his nap. I think it's time to lower the crib once again.

Today Malakai figured out he can stand and play at his sister's kitchen which was lots of fun for him!

Sanaa and Layla were pretending to be in a boat. Layla was fishing and Sanaa was rowing. (I know there is a broken bench and umbrella in the background. They need to be taken to the dump the next chance we get.)

The girls have spent a great amount of time searching for slugs, worms, and snails in our yard. I had to make a new house rule in which no slugs, worms, or snails are allowed in the house. Layla kept bringing in handfuls of them to show me.

Layla holding up her two big worms.

Inspecting some of the worms she found.  Sanaa informed me that Layla is the bug lady and she is the bird lady. I didn't get a picture of Sanaa but she was walking around the back yard with her binoculars looking for birds.

Bath time is fun once again for Malakai. He spent a couple weeks screaming each time he was put in the bath but now he loves it again. The running water fascinated him, especially since he couldn't quite catch it.

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