Friday, March 8, 2013

A long week with sick children

All week I had been planning to get the rest of the Pennsylvania pictures up and talk about our time there but ever since we returned a week and a half ago someone has been sick. Over the last 9 days we have made 3 trips to the pediatrician. 

Last week when we returned Layla was sick. She sounded like she had a bad cold but I was also worried about her eye since it was red and goopy. I had thought about taking her to the pediatrician the morning after we returned but her eye cleared up. Her cough unfortunately has lingered for over a week now. 

Then Sanaa came down with croup and a double ear infection. She was fine on the flights home and acted normal all day on Wednesday. I was prepared to take her back to school last Thursday but on Wednesday night she started coughing with the dreaded barking cough. She also complained about her ear hurting. So Thursday morning I took her to the pediatrician and we got her some antibiotics. I kept the weekend low key and we didn't really do much since I wanted Sanaa and Layla to get better.

On Sunday we went to church since everyone appeared to be doing much better. However, I picked Malakai up from the nursery and they commented that he felt warm. I figured it was just due to teething. I took his temperature when we got home because he was starting to feel even warmer and he was up to 101.2. He stayed around 100.0-101.2 all afternoon and throughout the night even though we gave him Tylenol. 

By Monday afternoon his eye was starting to get goopy, he was playing with his ear, and his temperature wasn't coming down so we made another trip to the pediatrician. His right ear was red and at the beginning stages of an ear infection so he was given some antibiotics. 

The picture below was taken Monday evening. The poor little guy was miserable.

The amoxicillin that Malakai was prescribed didn't seem to do anything this week. He continued to have a low grade fever, he was very congested, and he developed a cough that at times sounded like he was headed towards developing croup.

Late yesterday afternoon Nate took Malakai back to the pediatrician and discovered that his throat was very red and irritated and his ear was still red and inflamed. The amoxicillin wasn't working. The pediatrician said that during the night we were to take his temperature and if he was still running a fever  (when not on Tylenol) then she would change his antibiotic today.

Sure enough, once the Tylenol wore off last night his fever went back up to 100.1. So we got a new prescription today. He still has a bad cough but when the pediatrician listened to his breathing yesterday she said his lungs and everything sounded clear. But we of course have been made aware of the danger signs of a bad case of croup and what to do if it suddenly worsens at night. We're to give the new antibiotics 48 hours to get into his system and start working. So if he hasn't improved by Monday and still has a fever then we'll be making a 4th trip back to the pediatrician. I joked with my pediatrician that they need to create punch cards where you pay for 10 visits and then the 11th visit is free. She thought it was a great idea!

The picture below was taken tonight. Poor Malakai has just wanted to be held pretty much all week. My arms and back are getting a little sore from holding him so much.

During one of the few moments that Malakai actually felt well enough to play and explore, he discovered his night light.

It didn't take him very long to pull the night light out of the socket (and he was very proud of himself for accomplishing that).

One morning while Sanaa was at school Layla worked on puzzles. Malakai tried to help, but Layla got a bit frustrated with him helping and I'd often hear, "Malakai no! Dat's mine Malakai."

On Wednesday we had a good amount of rain and found lots of worms on the driveway and sidewalk. Any time we see a worm Layla has to rescue it and put it back in the dirt. She learned this from watching Wild Kratts (it's on PBS). She spent a good 10-15 minutes rescuing the worms from our driveway and putting them back in the dirt.

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