Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A boat play house

A few weeks ago (maybe more like two months ago) my dad called and said he got a boat. The conversation went something like this:

My dad: "Rosa, I got a boat."
Me: "What? You got a boat?"
My dad: "Yep and it's not sea worthy."
Me: "You got a boat and it's not sea worthy? What's the point in that?"
My dad: "You remember the boat sitting in the field near our house. That's the boat I got."
Me: "Seriously? What in the world?"

He then went on to explain that the owners of the boat were willing to give him the boat for free if he removed it from their property. It still didn't make sense to me why he wanted a boat that wasn't sea worthy until he explained his idea to turn it into a play house for his grandkids. How cool is that?

So a couple weeks ago my dad, his brother Ken (yes, my dad has a brother named Ken and my mom has a brother named Ken) and Glenn (a friend my dad's church) moved the boat to my parents house. I took the kids over to watch the whole process and take pictures. Surprisingly, the process only took about 1 1/2 hours.

Sanaa and Layla in the boat play house with Uncle Ken.

Starting to move the boat. It took a few tries to make sure the boat was secure. It did drop back on the grass a couple of times but eventually they got it stable enough to move it.

I kept the kids in the van to watch the process so they weren't in any danger of getting hurt.

When the boat began swinging sideways I thought we had lost the boat, but they were able to straighten things out and load it onto the trailer.

Next they drove the boat up to my parents driveway and then unloaded it so it could be carried up the driveway to it's final resting place.

Making the slow trek up the driveway.

The boat is now located among some trees and bushes at the edge of my parents property. You honestly wouldn't really notice the boat unless you were looking for it.

Once they got to the spot where the boat would sit they had to spin it around.

Sanaa and Layla sat on a couple of stumps to watch all the excitement.

After the boat was unhooked my dad's friend then pulled up a couple of rotten stumps from the yard for my dad. Unfortunately, the two stumps the girls were sitting on got pulled up. That didn't make them too happy at the time.

Uncle Ken, my dad, and Glenn (the one who was operating the big piece of machinery which I have no idea what it's called).

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Anonymous said...

I believe it's called a Digger.
--Papa Gene