Saturday, March 30, 2013

Fun in the sun

We had some warm and beautiful weather out here in the northwest the past couple of days and the kids have had a blast playing outside. While Sanaa and Layla have been busy outside, Malakai has been busy inside. Two days after he turned 9 months old he started pulling up and standing.

The past couple of days Malakai has been standing in his crib each time he's woken up from his nap. I think it's time to lower the crib once again.

Today Malakai figured out he can stand and play at his sister's kitchen which was lots of fun for him!

Sanaa and Layla were pretending to be in a boat. Layla was fishing and Sanaa was rowing. (I know there is a broken bench and umbrella in the background. They need to be taken to the dump the next chance we get.)

The girls have spent a great amount of time searching for slugs, worms, and snails in our yard. I had to make a new house rule in which no slugs, worms, or snails are allowed in the house. Layla kept bringing in handfuls of them to show me.

Layla holding up her two big worms.

Inspecting some of the worms she found.  Sanaa informed me that Layla is the bug lady and she is the bird lady. I didn't get a picture of Sanaa but she was walking around the back yard with her binoculars looking for birds.

Bath time is fun once again for Malakai. He spent a couple weeks screaming each time he was put in the bath but now he loves it again. The running water fascinated him, especially since he couldn't quite catch it.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A boat play house

A few weeks ago (maybe more like two months ago) my dad called and said he got a boat. The conversation went something like this:

My dad: "Rosa, I got a boat."
Me: "What? You got a boat?"
My dad: "Yep and it's not sea worthy."
Me: "You got a boat and it's not sea worthy? What's the point in that?"
My dad: "You remember the boat sitting in the field near our house. That's the boat I got."
Me: "Seriously? What in the world?"

He then went on to explain that the owners of the boat were willing to give him the boat for free if he removed it from their property. It still didn't make sense to me why he wanted a boat that wasn't sea worthy until he explained his idea to turn it into a play house for his grandkids. How cool is that?

So a couple weeks ago my dad, his brother Ken (yes, my dad has a brother named Ken and my mom has a brother named Ken) and Glenn (a friend my dad's church) moved the boat to my parents house. I took the kids over to watch the whole process and take pictures. Surprisingly, the process only took about 1 1/2 hours.

Sanaa and Layla in the boat play house with Uncle Ken.

Starting to move the boat. It took a few tries to make sure the boat was secure. It did drop back on the grass a couple of times but eventually they got it stable enough to move it.

I kept the kids in the van to watch the process so they weren't in any danger of getting hurt.

When the boat began swinging sideways I thought we had lost the boat, but they were able to straighten things out and load it onto the trailer.

Next they drove the boat up to my parents driveway and then unloaded it so it could be carried up the driveway to it's final resting place.

Making the slow trek up the driveway.

The boat is now located among some trees and bushes at the edge of my parents property. You honestly wouldn't really notice the boat unless you were looking for it.

Once they got to the spot where the boat would sit they had to spin it around.

Sanaa and Layla sat on a couple of stumps to watch all the excitement.

After the boat was unhooked my dad's friend then pulled up a couple of rotten stumps from the yard for my dad. Unfortunately, the two stumps the girls were sitting on got pulled up. That didn't make them too happy at the time.

Uncle Ken, my dad, and Glenn (the one who was operating the big piece of machinery which I have no idea what it's called).

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Trip to Pennsylvania - Part 5

On Sunday we attended church with my grandpa. I have a lot of memories visiting their church as a child. One memory is how grandpa would always have some smarties (the candy) in his suit jacket pocket and during the sermon my brother and I would each get a roll of smarties to eat quietly while the pastor preached. 

After church we went Cracker Barrel for lunch. Cracker Barrel was one of the places that my grandparents often ate at.

My mom, grandpa, and Sanaa waiting for our food.

My dad and Layla buttering their rolls. Layla is so independent. At 2 1/2 years old she has to do everything herself and spreading butter on her roll was something only she could do.

Our handsome boy all ready for some lunch.

Malakai didn't last long in his high chair and Nate ended up holding him while we ate.

More pictures of time with the extended family.
Sunday evening most of the family came to my grandpa's house for dinner.

Layla looking at pictures on aunt Phyllis' (my mom's sister) phone.

Sanaa taking pictures with uncle Ken's phone.

My cousin Melissa and her dad (uncle Ray).

Sanaa was taking a picture of my cousin Valerie and her husband Josiah.

Aunt Phyllis showing us how flexible she still is! Bailey (my cousin's daughter) was watching.

On our trip out and our trip home Layla insisted on pulling at least one bag through the airport. It was great having her help!

Trip to Pennsylvania - Part 4

Eventually I'll finish up my Pennsylvania posts. I still have more pictures I want to share so I might end up with 6 or 7 parts to the Pennsylvania instead of just 4 or 5. After my grandma's funeral we had lunch at the church which was a good time for everyone to share memories and spend more time together. 

This picture of Layla and my grandpa is probably one of my favorites from the trip.

Uncle Ken (my mom's brother) with Layla and Sanaa.

My grandpa sitting and eating with his four children and their spouses.

A lot of Amish live around my grandparents area so anytime we heard the clip clop of horse feet we ran to the window to see the horse and buggy. The rest of the Pennsylvania family made fun of us out-of-staters for getting so excited about seeing horse and buggies but at least we were entertained!

Sanaa snuggling with great grandpa.

Malakai enjoyed grabbing great grandpa's hair. Malakai and great grandpa have a very similar hair style. Several of the other family members noticed that their hair style matched so now we know where Malakai gets his cool hair-do. 

Story time with aunt Nancy.

Another story time with uncle Ken. Sanaa and Layla had aunt Nancy and uncle Ken reading from their Curious George book.

Sanaa hanging out with my cousin's son (Nolan).

Malakai chewing on blocks while grandpa builds with them. This is another picture I really like.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Malakai - 9 months old

Malakai turned 9 months old today and he had his 9 month check up with the pediatrician. There were no shots at this appointment but we did walk away with a prescription for a third antibiotic for him. Before I go into our interesting visit to the pediatrician I'll give you his current stats.

Weight: 16 pounds 6.8 ounces (7th percentile) - he actually lost weight (nearly a pound)
Height: 27.4 inches (15th percentile)
Head circumference: 17 inches (50th percentile)

The drop in weight was most likely due to him being sick for a good week and half. He just finished his  second antibiotics on Sunday and is finally beginning to get his appetite back. So I'm not too concerned about the weight.

The pediatrician did check his ears again since he had been battling an ear infection and his left ear still has "a bunch of thick puss" in it. After nearly two weeks of being on two different antibiotics, that's not a good thing. His right ear was just slightly pink and looking much better. But the poor guy does get another round of antibiotics now. The pediatrician jokingly asked Malakai if he was going to need tubes in his ears this summer and at this rate I wouldn't be surprised if that happened. He's starting follow in Sanaa's footsteps of ears not healing and getting multiple ear infections which resulted in her having tubes.

We also left the pediatrician's office with a referral to ECI (Early Childhood Intervention). I was surprised about that. I'm familiar with ECI because when I was working towards my master's degree I actually did an internship with ECI in Texas. The pediatrician's office mailed a 9-month questionnaire to me a week or so ago and I had been slowly filling it out as I saw Malakai do things. On the communication section I had to mark that he wasn't doing any of the items yet and some red flags went off in my head. For example, he is not making the sounds "ba," da," "ka," or "ga." The only sounds he really makes are "ehh" or "ahh." He also doesn't repeat sounds back to me if I copy a sound he made and he doesn't play any nursery rhyme games (peek-a-boo, bye-bye, so big, etc). So his communication score ended up well below average.

He also scored low on his problem solving skills and personal-social skills. It wasn't as low as the communication but because he scored well below average or just below average on several areas the pediatrician wants him to be evaluated by ECI and get another formal hearing test done. I actually haven't been concerned about his hearing because he turns his head when he hears me walk into the room and appears to notice other sounds as well. So I'm quite curious about having him evaluated and finding out if there is something to be concerned about or not.

As far as fine motor and gross motor, Malakai is doing great. He's crawling all over the place and pulling up onto his knees. He can stand briefly leaning against a toy or a piece of furniture. He also notices the dirt on the floor and tries to put all of it in his mouth leading me to sweep several times a day. It's just the other areas of development he needs to do some work on.

Getting pictures was once again a difficult thing since Malakai kept rolling away and getting distracted by other toys in the room.

He also thought it would be fun to crawl up and try and get the camera.

Sanaa kept asking to lay down with him and that ended up being the only way he would lie still so I could get a couple of pictures.

Malakai use to love his bath, but recently he has started screaming when it's time for his bath. However, once his sisters are in the tub he won't leave the side of the tub and is constantly trying to reach them.

Sanaa and Layla have started playing a game with Malakai by sticking their feet out and letting him grab their toes. They of course squeal each time he grabs their feet and Malakai starts laughing.