Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!

Despite all the smiling faces in the pictures, we actually have had a fairly rough day with lots of crying and lots of meltdowns. Malakai appears to be working on more teeth (I'm thinking 4 teeth is enough for now, but we may have a 5th), Layla has a stuffy nose and is tired leading her to meltdown often, and Sanaa is limping around the house with a leg cramp. Thankfully Sanaa is in a fairly good mood despite the limp. She woke up yesterday with her leg hurting and has been limping ever since.

After breakfast, Sanaa and Layla opened their Valentine's gifts. I don't give them a lot of stuff so they each got a new place mat (with princesses on them), a small box of candy, a puzzle, and a couple of heart straws. The new place mat was a big hit!

Gramma Carol sent the kiddos some Valentine's Day shirts and the girls were very excited to wear them. They've been waiting for today just so they could wear their heart shirts. Layla wouldn't smile but insisted on making funny faces each time I asked them to smile.

Malakai even had his shirt that says, "Mommy's Valentine." Right after I took this picture he got mad at me and had had enough of picture taking. It looks like I caught him just before he started screaming at me.

Sanaa's preschool class had their party today. They made heart crowns, ate a Valentine's trail mix (craisins, marshmallows, pretzels, M&M's, and teddy grahams), and played two games. Sanaa also came home with a bag full of Valentine's Day cards that she's had fun looking through.

After Malakai went down for a nap, the door bell rang and I received some purple roses from Nate. Purple roses are my favorite flower! You usually don't see them but for our wedding I had lavender roses in my bouquet. Both Layla and Sanaa agreed that these were the prettiest flowers ever. I love how they also came with a purple vase. The first picture was taken by Sanaa and the second picture was taken by Layla. They both did well taking pictures!

And finally a couple of out-take pictures. We have Sanaa with an almost choke hold on Malakai. Malakai really wants his toes in his mouth and Layla doesn't have her eyes open.

So I thought maybe having them lay on the floor would be easier, but no. Layla started making funny faces, Malakai started to roll away, and Sanaa thought everything was funny. And then Sanaa said, "Mommy I've had enough of saying cheese."

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