Friday, February 8, 2013

The 4 little amigas

At Sanaa's school this year we have been lucky and blessed to meet a family who has 2 girls nearly the exact same age as our two girls. Sanaa and Lexi are in the same class which is how we met. Sanaa is about 6 weeks older than Lexi. Lexi has a younger sister, Brynli, who is approximately 6 weeks younger than Layla. (Yep, all 4 girls have a summer birthday! We will be partying this summer!) These 4 girls have really hit it off. Next year Sanaa and Lexi will be attending different schools for kindergarten (which is sad) but Layla and Brynli will start preschool and we've requested to have Layla and Brynli in the same class. The other fun fact is that Cara (the mom) is pregnant with their 3rd child and due at the end of March. They haven't found out what they are having but I'm hoping it's a boy so that Malakai will have a little friend!

Yesterday as we left school the four girls had to hold hands as we walked out to our cars. It was adorable. In the picture below from left to right it is Layla, Lexi, Sanaa, and Brynli.

This morning Brynli came over while Cara took Lexi to her new school for a kindergarten orientation. The girls had a lot of fun. Malakai was the only unhappy one. Maybe there were just too many girls for him. Who knows.

Last fall (either in October or November) we met Lexi, Brynli and their mom at a local park which was near a pond. The girls ran around in the field until suddenly a bunch of ducks came waddling out of the pond. The ducks waddled right up to the girls. Lexi wasn't too keen on being near the ducks, but the other 3 thought it was awesome and wanted to chase all the ducks.

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