Sunday, February 17, 2013

"But why mama?"

First off, the girls have started calling me mama instead of mommy and I have no idea why.

Secondly, over the past few weeks Layla has entered a new stage in life. The stage of asking why over and over and over again.

Most days I patiently answer her as she asks "But why" for the umpteenth time. Other days I just say "because" and if that doesn't stop her then I answer, "Because God made it that way." Usually that stops the conversation. If she continues to ask after that answer then I say, "I don't know. What do you think?"

I had a whole bunch of examples in mind to share but now I can only think of one. On the way home from church Sanaa notice a sign that meant no trucks allowed. So she asked me why the trucks weren't allowed on the rode. I answered and then Layla began her, "But why" questions.

I don't remember Sanaa really going through this phase and while it can be super annoying to keep answering questions at least Layla is curious enough to ask (and I try to remind myself that she is just trying to learn about the world around her).

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