Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Things the girls have said

The girls have become true Oregonians.

As we walked out of the house yesterday, Sanaa looked at the sky (which was cloudy but not drizzling at the time) and said, "Oh, what a beautiful day."

Last week as we drove Sanaa to preschool through some thick fog Layla said, "I love fog mommy. I no like sun but I love fog."


Sanaa is also learning how to pray, which is great to hear. This afternoon Sanaa, Layla, and I were out front doing yard work while Malakai napped. As I fought hard to pull up a rather difficult weed Sanaa stood beside me asked, "Young lady what is your wish?"

At first I thought she was talking to Layla since Layla answered. Then Sanaa said, "And mom what is your wish."

Without much thought I said, "I wish these weeds would disappear so I didn't have to pull them anymore."

Next thing I hear is Sanaa praying, "Dear heavenly father, I wish you would make the weeds go away for my mom. Amen." I glanced at Sanaa to see her hands folded and head bowed. So cute! Then after she was done she said, "Don't worry mom, Jesus is coming back to earth and he'll take care of the weeds."


Today while encouraging Layla to use her potty and not pee in her underwear (she already peed in two different outfits) the following two conversations occurred at different points in the day.

Conversation #1:
After coming back inside from pulling weeds I asked Layla if she needed to go potty.
Layla: "No. I okay."
Me: (I notice her pants are wet) "Layla did you already pee in your pants?"
Layla: "No. I okay."
Me: "But Layla your pants are wet. Did you already potty?"
Layla: "Yeah. I just having too much fun outside."

Conversation #2:
Me: "Layla before you watch tv I want you to sit on your potty."
Layla: "No. I be okay mommy."
Me: "But I don't want you to pee on my couch."
Layla: "Not my couch? Your couch?"
Me: "Yes it's my couch and I don't want you to pee on it."
Layla: "Not See-see's couch. Not Malkakai's couch. Your couch."
Me: "Yes Layla. But please don't pee on it. I want you to come out here and use your potty."
Layla responded, "Okay mommy. I'll say (she then changes to a high pitched voice) 'Mommy, mommy! I go potty!"


Layla currently pronounces Malakai's name as Mal-ka-kai and Sanaa's as Sa-na-nah.


I walked out to the garage to locate a bib for Malakai in the dryer while the girls started to eat their dinner. When I came back inside I thought I heard one of the girls say something and asked, "Is everyone okay?"
Sanaa replied, "Uh-huh. Nobody throw up and nobody died."

Well, that's good to know, especially since I didn't think my cooking was that bad.

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