Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Recording some milestones

A couple things happened this week (besides us catching the stomach virus and getting sick) that I wanted to record. Yesterday I showed Layla how to work on some 12-piece puzzles and today she is doing them all by herself. I'm quite impressed. She seems to love puzzles! Sanaa always got very frustrated with puzzles and still does, so I didn't think about showing them to Layla. I remembered the puzzles yesterday and decided to give it a try with Layla while Sanaa was at school. Layla loved it and wanted to do them over and over. I may need to get some new puzzles for her eventually. (Hint: This could make a nice birthday gift for her this summer!)

On Sunday Malakai's first tooth came through! At 6 1/2 months old he is the same age that Sanaa was when her first tooth appeared. Layla's first tooth didn't come through until she was 8 months old. I guess Malakai wants to do everything as early as possible.

With this new tooth, Malakai has also discovered the joy that is to be had when spitting. He now spits all the time and soaks our shoulders when we carry him. He even enjoys spitting when we feed him his solids. Lucky us! Just beware that if you ever offer to feed him you may want to wear something over your clothes so you don't get covered with flying food.

Also, for one of the first times, Sanaa was able to write her name correctly. She knows how to spell her name but struggles to write her name. Her a's always look like lower case e's. Today she came home with a paper where she had written her name with upper case A's and it looked great. She was very proud of herself! In the picture below how she normally writes her name is on top and how she wrote it today is on the bottom. I think I was so excited to see the A's that were written correctly I didn't notice her N looked like a M. In her defense the letter of the day was M.

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