Sunday, January 20, 2013

Malakai - 7 months old

This last month brought on a lot of changes with Malakai. Just this past week he began the army crawl. I wrote down in his milestones document that he began the army crawl at 6 months and 3 weeks old. He is often up on his arms and knees rocking back forth and probably wishing he could figure out how to crawl. However, over this past week he has gotten pretty good at his army crawl and if he spies something he wants he will do what it takes to get to it. 

He has also started to sit independently for brief periods. He's not very steady and will often get very excited about a toy and topple over, but it's a start.

Malakai also got his first tooth this past month so beware if he grabs your finger because he will bite. One of his bottom middle teeth came in.

Diaper changes with Malakai are a battle since he will not stay still. He tries to grab his toys, the diaper, the wipes, my hands, and if nothing is within reach why he'll just try and flip over so that he can reach something.

Malakai still wakes up once a night and is a very hungry boy. The amount of formula he takes has increased since there are days that I can nurse him but he still acts hungry so I end up giving him a bottle shortly after nursing him. He is also eating solids at two meals, lunch and dinner. He's much happier if can be at the dining table with us then left out. With Malakai I am making all his baby food. I made some stuff back in the fall when fruits were on sale. So far he's had sweet potato, apples, pears, bananas, avocado, squash, and peas. He favorite seems to be sweet potato and apples mixed together. But I'll keep introducing new foods and new combinations and maybe he'll come up with a new favorite.

Most of the time Malakai is a happy boy. When he's teething he can be fairly clingy and sometimes unconsolable. But in general he's only unhappy if he's hungry or tired.

And here is the proof that he can cry and scream. I had thought that maybe I could take some 7 month pictures before his nap today. Malakai strongly disagreed with me and this was the picture I got. So I waited until after nap time and we got some much better pictures with a much happier boy.

I mentioned that Malakai is very determined to get toys he wants. This evening the girls toy measuring spoons were laying on the bottom of Malakai's exersaucer. He spied the measuring spoons and decided he really wanted them. So he pulled himself over to the exersaucer and hoisted himself up and into the bottom of it.

He was very proud of his accomplishment! I compared Malakai's milestones with Sanaa and Layla's and he is a month ahead of Layla with the army crawl and two months ahead of Sanaa. It appears we have one very motivated little boy on our hands who is going to do his best to keep up with his two big sisters.

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