Friday, January 25, 2013

Layla's first haircut

Back at the beginning of January, us three girls (Sanaa, Layla, and I) went to get our hair cut. This was Layla's first hair cut ever and she did really well. She's been asking to get her hair cut for awhile but I never got around to taking her. Plus, with a girl you can just put their hair up in a pony tail and skip the hair cuts all together.

I think I only had an inch taken off of Layla's hair so there wasn't a big noticeable difference before and after her hair cut. The two pictures below I took just before her hair was cut.

Layla was very excited and wanted to get her hair cut first. Once she was in the chair she suddenly got a little frightened. She didn't cry but sat completely still and would not move or talk. I have never seen her stay this still unless she's sleeping. It was awesome!

I forgot to take any after pictures, but since only an inch was taken off you couldn't really see much difference. She did get a few layers in her hair as well so that her hair has a little more shape.

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