Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Creating wall art

Before Christmas I was working on quite a few homemade gifts. I was painting things, sewing, and crocheting items. The girls really wanted to help so one afternoon I let them create their own wall art while I worked on my projects.

This is the final product. They picked out wooden shapes that were already painted at Michaels. Layla chose a butterfly, dragonfly, and ladybug. Sanaa picked a castle, crown, and the word 'friends.'

They each painted their own 8x11 canvas. Sanaa decided red and pink stripes would look pretty while Layla went for a completely pink canvas. She actually mixed the red and pink right on the canvas while Sanaa mixed the colors in her paint tray.

I helped the girls glue their wood shapes onto the canvas. Then I hot glued a string to the back and we hung them up in their room. (Layla is standing on a stool which is why she appears to be as tall as Sanaa). Both girls were very proud of their creations.

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Gene Pond said...

Lovely artwork . . . and such BEAUTIFUL artists!