Friday, December 21, 2012

The shenanigan's of Layla

Some day I'm sure I'll laugh about all of Layla's shenanigan's, but not today since I'm about at the end of my rope with her. This child gets into so much mischief and I honestly don't believe people when they tell me that a boy is going to be more of a handful than Layla is.

The first two pictures were take a month or so ago. Layla decided she needed some makeup and proceeded to use blue and purple markers for some blush and lip stick.

Yesterday I put Malakai down for a nap and Sanaa met in the hallway where she immediately said, "Mommy, come see what Layla did. I didn't do any of it. Layla did it not me." She led me into the kitchen where I found grapes all over the floor. Layla had taken the grapes we had just bought at the store and pulled all of them off of the stem. She was also sitting there eating some of them. I made the girls pick them all up and put them in a strainer so I could wash them off.

This morning (at least I think it was this morning or it might have been yesterday morning, I'm not sure) I caught Layla holding a peanut butter ball in each hand while eating a third one. She had opened the fridge and somehow opened the ziplock bag the peanut butter balls were in.

Earlier in the week Layla pulled out a container of leftover pasta, opened the lid, and spilled it on the floor. This time Nate found her eating the cold pasta.

Tonight I was helping Sanaa get out of the bath and Layla had run off into the kitchen. I asked her to pick up the toys on the floor while I helped Sanaa get dressed and then we would have some snacks before bed. It was very quiet in the kitchen when Sanaa, Malakai, and I came out of the bathroom. I quickly discovered why it was so quiet. Layla had helped herself to the "octopus" cereal (generic brand of Lucky Charms and it has an octopus on the box). She used a chair to take the cereal out of the pantry, carried it to the table, and removed the bag from the box. What you don't see is all the cereal on the floor. Layla quickly jumped down and started picking up all the cereal.

Those are just a few examples of Layla's current shenanigan's. Who know what she'll do tomorrow.

** Note from Nate **

When I came home from work tonight, Rosa had just finished cleaning up the mess that you see in the picture above. When I walked in the kitchen, Layla ran to me and gave me a hug. Rosa turned her head to me and gave me The Look. 

I knew what The Look meant.

Layla followed me to the bedroom and I changed out of my work clothes. As I did this, the following conversation happened:

"Layla, were you badly behaved for Mommy?"

*laughing* "YA!"


"Because I ate octopus cereal like AHM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM!!!"

So that happened.

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