Saturday, December 22, 2012

More of Layla's shenanigans

I'm going to start writing down more often what all Layla does since it'll be fun to share these stories with her when she's older.

This morning I lost Layla. Yep. I lost her in our 1200 sq foot house and it wasn't even 9:30am yet.

It was time for Malakai's morning nap and I had been rocking him in his room. He was very upset and not calming down so I decided to make a quick bottle for him (he downed another 4 ounces after already eating a good 4 ounces 30 minutes earlier). I walked into the kitchen with Malakai and found Sanaa sitting at the table waiting for me to help her with her craft. I had left both Layla and Sanaa at the table but Layla wasn't there anymore.

I asked Sanaa where Layla went and she said she didn't know. So I looked in the garage first since that is typically the first place Layla heads. Plus, she had been in there earlier dumping the cat food out so I wanted to make sure she wasn't playing in the cat food again.

Layla wasn't there.

We looked in the living room, the girls bedroom, and our master bedroom. Nothing. It was so quiet. Layla is never that quiet when hiding.

We searched each room again this time with me telling Layla to come out immediately because we were not playing a game.

Total silence. Definitely not normal.

Where in the world is she? The front door was locked so I knew she wasn't out front. The back door was closed and the curtains were still closed so I didn't think she was there. But Sanaa headed over to the back door and pulled the curtains back.

Sure enough. There was Layla happily playing in the mud. It was in the low 40's and she had no coat on but she did have the good sense to put her rain boots on (without socks).

I sent Nate a text telling him what had just happened and his response was, "You are in for quite a day. Might want to make sure she hasn't learned how to drive yet."

Now it's time for me to make my second and third cup of coffee since I'm probably in for a long day.

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