Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas day

Christmas day started out at home where I made pancakes. As I was mixing them up Layla requested to have green pancakes. I thought that sounded like a good idea and then Sanaa asked for red pancakes. I finished mixing the pancake batter and then divided it so that each girl could mix in the food coloring of their choice. The girls were very excited to eat their red and green Christmas pancakes. We'll see whether or not this becomes a tradition that continues for each Christmas.

After breakfast we got dressed and packed up presents to take to my parents house. We arrived at my parents house and opened the door to walk inside. However, there was a rather strange noise inside and the girls hesitated at the doorway and didn't immediately walk in. They finally moved and when we walked into the living room the girls were surprised to see Grandpa Lind's newest toy..... an electric train!

My dad had the train set up around the tree. The kids (all three of them!) had a great time watching it. Malakai seemed very curious and interested in the noisy thing circling the tree.

We ate a late lunch (I guess is would be Christmas dinner) and after that we got ready to open presents. Before opening presents my dad read the Christmas story from the Bible. Sanaa wasn't all that excited about having to sit quietly and listen. She wanted to open presents. Layla sat for a little while and then ended up running off.

Then we got to open presents. We started with our stockings and Sanaa was very excited to receive some more headbands! Layla has broken several of Sanaa's headbands over the past couple of months and it's been wonderful that Sanaa received several new headbands as gifts. Layla also received some headbands so hopefully she'll leave Sanaa's headbands alone now.

Layla was very excited about her new toothbrush. I had also given the girls new toothbrushes in their stockings at home and it really amused me at how excited they were about them. I'm not sure how many years they'll be excited about receiving new toothbrushes but I plan to keep putting them in their stocking for many years!

Malakai didn't really care about any of his presents. He was mainly fascinated with the shiny bows and all the commotion his sisters caused.

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