Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas cookie baking

The Saturday after Thanksgiving the girls, Malakai, and I headed over to my parents house to bake cookies with my mom. We made several different kinds but the girls mainly helped out with the gingerbread cookies and the sugar cookies. They were very excited at the beginning and helped out for a little while but eventually they went off with grandpa to help him with outside chores.

Both girls took turns rolling out the dough and helped cut the shapes out. Layla kept putting the dough in her mouth so it was a challenge to stop her from eating all the dough.

Layla has to do everything herself. She didn't want me to even help her removed the shape from the dough once she cut it.

Decorating the cookies was what the girls enjoyed doing the most. Sanaa was very precise on where she put sprinkles and icing.

Layla didn't care so much about precision but was more concerned with completely covering the cookie with sprinkles.

When we decorated the gingerbread men I decided to put small dots of icing where the eyes, nose, and buttons went. Then I had the girls put red and green mini chocolate chips on top of the icing to create the features.

Sanaa was very proud of this particular gingerbread man because she added red "cheeks" to her cookie.

These are some of the sugar cookies that the girls decorated. Sanaa's cookies are the first picture and Layla's are the second. Layla had me draw a face on her snowman with icing gel and then she dumped sprinkles on it.

A shot of just some of the cookies we made and decorated.

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