Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sanaa says

"Mommy, when you're older and have white hair maybe you can have a bike like that one (points at her tricycle) and you can have a bell too." (11-1-12)


After I got mad at Nate in the car (10-31-12)
"Ooooo.... somebody's in trouble."


Anytime anything breaks, whether it's a toy, head band, appliance, or a torn piece of paper.
"Don't worry. Grandpa can fix it. We'll take it to his house."


Sanaa: "Mommy I want a baby sister."
Me: "But you have a baby brother. Isn't that good?"
Sanaa: "No. I want a baby sister."
Me: "Well, we aren't going to have anymore babies in our family."
Sanaa as she reaches out and pats my belly: "Yes we are! I feel one in there now!"

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