Monday, November 12, 2012

It just wouldn't be a Monday.....

..... without a trip to the pediatrician.

We have been having a rough few weeks around here with stomach bugs, croup, and now double ear infections. Last night Layla was up from midnight until early this morning crying. She slept a tiny bit but not much. She often fusses when Nate puts her down and really likes to have Nate rock her to sleep. But last night she just wouldn't stop fussing and we had no idea what was going on.

This morning Nate called the doctor's office right after it opened. Then I packed up the kids to head the doctor while Nate got ready for work. Layla now has a double ear infection. It's no wonder she wouldn't sleep. The doctor prescribed some ear drops to help numb her ears (so we can actually get some sleep!) and an antibiotic.

The one positive about visiting the doctor today is that the receptionist did give me three small (8oz) cans of formula for Malakai. Since we've been feeding Malakai roughing one bottle of formula at night receiving those cans was quite a blessing. I honestly can't believe how expensive formula is!

Sanaa was the first one to wake up this morning around 7:30 and then we just laid on the couch for awhile.

We did have fun on Saturday. We made apple cider! Yum! Hopefully at some point this week I'll get those pictures up.

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