Sunday, November 4, 2012

Apple picking

Yesterday the girls and I went apple picking with my dad. They had fun, although they did tire fairly quick. There is an apple orchard near my parents that is not tended to anymore. My dad checked with the owners and asked if we could pick their apples and they said yes. We spent about 3 hours picking apples because next weekend we'll be making some yummy apple cider!

My dad and I picked about 130 gallons worth. We each had two 5 gallon buckets that we filled 26 times. Basically one 5 gallon bucket of whole apples will get us approximately 1 gallon of cider. We'll see how many gallons of cider we actually get since many of the apples we picked were rather small and we might not get as much juice from them. I wish I had taken a picture of the back of my dad's truck after we had all of the apples picked but maybe I'll remember to get a shot before we begin making cider next weekend.

A shot down one of the rows of apples.

While some of the trees looked loaded with apples, upon closer inspection the apples were either rotten, really small, or wormy. But we were able to find enough decent apples to pick. Next week I'll share about our cider making experience. In the past we've done this with my dad's siblings but this year it'll just be my parents, brother, and sister-in-law. I think the days of a large family gathering to make cider are over. Last year we made over 100 gallons of cider with the extended family and it took nearly 8 hours.

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