Monday, November 19, 2012

Apple Cider making

Last weekend (Saturday, November 10) we made apple cider with my family. It was a small operation with just my brother, sister-in-law, parents, and my aunt LaVerne. In previous years it's been nearly all of my dad's family that does this together but the group has gotten so large and it's quite an ordeal with 30+ family members that this year the extended family did not make apple cider together. Instead we all met and ate apple dumplings. Yum! However, we still wanted some apple cider so my dad borrowed the cider press from his brother Norm. We ended up making 34 gallons apple cider!

Here is the process:
We scooped all the apples off the back of my dads truck and rinsed them off in buckets of water.

Then we cut the apples in halves and fourths. If it was a small apple it was just cut in half. A larger apple was cut a tad smaller.

Nate and Karen posing as they chop apples. Ariana was hanging out and watching the process.

Next my dad dumped the cut up apples into the cider press where they were ground up into a pulp.

The pulp is then squeezed down.....

And out flows the cider. The cider is strained through a large strainer to catch any large chunks.

The final step is to take the apple cider and strain it through a cheese cloth (or some other cloth with small holes) and funnel it into jugs.

Here Aunt LaVerne is helping Sanaa pour the apple cider into a funnel that has the cheese cloth over it.

Layla helped Aunt LaVerne as well.

Layla also got a chance to turn the wheel on the cider press and squeeze the cider out of the apple pulp.

Sanaa scooping apples with a large shovel. I'm surprised at how strong Sanaa is.

And yes... I did help. I spent a good portion of the time scooping the apples and washing them.

I also helped squeeze out the apple cider.

Ryan and Karen dumping apples into the press.

Nate squeezing out the last bit of apple cider.

It was a fun day and we're really enjoying all the apple cider we made!

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