Friday, November 9, 2012

3 sick kids = 2 very tired parents

Today is a day of rest. All of the kiddos are sick. Yep, I said all. While they are doing pretty good this morning, they definitely need a day to stay in pjs, watch tv, and just lounge around (well... as much as a 2 year old and 4 year old will lounge around).

We've been battling croup, upper respiratory viruses and colds all week. It began on Monday after Layla spent the night barking like a seal. I had planned to take the girls in for flu shots on Monday but instead took Layla in to be seen for croup while Sanaa got her flu shot. Layla was given a prescription for 4 doses of oral steroids. That really seemed to help and by Wednesday she wasn't barking nearly as bad as she had been.

Monday night Malakai began coughing and it resembled a seal. I immediately thought he had croup as well. Nate called the doctor Tuesday morning but the nurse said he was too young to actually have croup and it was more likely he had caught an upper respiratory virus. We did not take him to the doctor but instead kept a close eye on him like the nurse suggested. She did give us some symptoms to watch out for.

On Wednesday Sanaa woke up coughing but it wasn't a bad cough and didn't sound like croup. She continued to act normal but the cough sounded like one of those coughs you have in the morning when you're dealing with a lot of drainage.

Currently all three kids are still coughing and have runny noses. But they also appear to be doing somewhat better. Layla is back to her normal energetic self. Malakai is mostly himself. He's been napping and sleeping more (the only one of the three to actually rest while sick!). Sanaa slept until 9:15am this morning! She's never slept that late but since she also won't nap anymore I know she really needed that rest.

So today, we're staying home. It would have been nice to have gone to BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) but we have a fun Saturday planned and I want the kiddos to be rested and feeling even more like their normal selves before tomorrow.

Even though this week has not been fun Sanaa and Layla have managed to melt my heart. Layla just ran up and gave me a big hug and said, "I wuv wuv my mama." And yesterday Sanaa said, "I really appreciate you mommy." Awww.... getting hugs and hearing those words makes being a mom so rewarding.

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