Sunday, October 7, 2012

The garbage truck dance

The garbage truck comes early on Monday mornings to pick up our trash. If the girls hear the truck they typically run to the front window to watch our trash bin get picked up and emptied. 

Once we came home and discovered our trash bin was gone. Who would steal a trash bin? Nate called the trash company and found out that our entire trash bin had fallen into the truck. So they delivered a new one. But I'm completely off subject right now.

On this particular morning the girls heard the truck but didn't make it to the front window in time to watch. They were very disappointed until I let them go outside in their pjs to watch.

Layla picked a flower and held it out for the truck driver to see (but he was too far away already).

Then the girls ran in circles.

Next they paused to wave goodbye as the truck neared the end of our street.

They danced some more.

And finally a little more dancing and waving before I convinced them to come inside.

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