Saturday, October 20, 2012

Sanaa is sick (again) and Layla doesn't stop moving

Yesterday Sanaa was nearly back to her normal self. Her appetite was coming back and she was full of energy. This morning she woke up and didn't want her breakfast. She was also complaining of her tummy hurting. She ended up having diarrhea so we skipped swimming lessons and watched a Curious George movie. She steadily went downhill all day. The poor thing tried to play but could only manage to laugh and smile while laying on the couch. She barely ate all day and ended up throwing up everything she ate late this afternoon. By dinner time she wouldn't budge from the couch and fell asleep. This was actually the second nap she took today. It looks like we'll be staying home from church tomorrow. 

Sanaa's self portrait that she drew at Bible study yesterday. I love the orange eye lashes!

And then there is Layla... She has been so full of energy lately and an appetite that doesn't stop. I caught her under the table this afternoon eating her third mini muffin and holding a lollipop she had found. If I leave the kitchen I'll come back and find her scrounging around in the fridge.

Tonight she was running around the house yelling, "Catch me mommy. Catch me!" Her vocabulary has just exploded. We are hearing 3 to 4 word sentences from her and she is literally copying everything we say. Last night when Nate arrived home she asked, "How work daddy?" Very cute!

But she does still like to be a baby and often wants a turn in the baby swing after Malakai is done. I can't believe she fits in it.

I took this picture last week. She wore two dresses that each had a tutu on. It made for a lot of fluff! I did take her to church like this. I've decided to not fight the girls on what they wear. They have fun expressing themselves and I want to them to feel accepted and loved no matter what their style of clothing is. Now as they get older I will demand that they wear clothing that is not skimpy or revealing. But as far as whether or not clothes match.... I won't fight them on that.

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