Monday, October 22, 2012

Sanaa goes to the hospital

One of the stories we read around here often is Curious George Goes to the Hospital. We read it a few days ago and when I was thinking about a title for this blog post Curious George popped into my head.

On Saturday I wrote about Sanaa getting sick again and unfortunately she went downhill Saturday night and Sunday. On Sunday she was unable to keep food or liquid down and threw up anything I gave her. She also stopped peeing so I called the on-call pediatrician for the weekend (it turned out to be our pediatrician!) and she said to take Sanaa to the ER to get treated for dehydration. Our pediatrician was also a little worried about Sanaa possibly having appendicitis since her vomiting had started on Wednesday, stopped, and then returned on Saturday. Sanaa's symptoms were not following a typical stomach bug. Thankfully Sanaa did not have appendicitis and it was just a stomach bug.

So Sunday evening around 6pm I headed to the ER with Sanaa. We had a long wait. She threw up twice while we waited to see the doctor and finally around 8:30pm she was seen. They started an I.V. and took some blood samples. I knew getting the needle in Sanaa was not going to be fun but they used numbing cream on Sanaa's arm so that the needle poke wouldn't hurt too much. But Sanaa screamed and let the nurses have it anyway as they tried to get the I.V. in. It looks like Sanaa might be cursed with bad veins just like me and my mom. Maybe as she grows she get lucky and her veins will develop better but the nurses did have a hard time finding a vein.

They started the fluid and gave her some Zofran through the I.V. as well. She watched some tv and dozed off and on. Her first I.V. of fluid was done around 9pm and we waited to hear what her lab results were like. Just before 10pm the doctor came back and told me that he wanted to start a second bag of fluid which finished around 10:45. He also told me she had a high acid level due to her dehydration and her white blood cell count was high. The high white blood cell count is often due to an infection but can also occur when someone is dehydrated. It was also at this point that the ER doctor mentioned it might be a good idea to keep Sanaa overnight for observation.

The ER doctor talked with our pediatrician and caught her up on everything they had done for Sanaa. Both doctors could go either way in regards to sending Sanaa home or keeping her overnight. But they seemed to be leaning towards keeping her for the night because she had been so dehydrated. I agreed to have her stay since I didn't want to take her home and have her refuse food and liquids and potentially throw up again.

We waited in the ER for another 30-45 minutes while they got a room ready for Sanaa in the pediatric unit and I met the pediatric doctor who would be taking care of Sanaa. Around 11:30pm Sanaa was wheeled upstairs and her new nurses took her vitals, showed me around the room, and helped get Sanaa situated. By midnight we were settled in our new room for the night and Sanaa was asleep.

It was not a restful night. Sanaa slept very fitfully and woke 3-4 times. She hated the I.V. in her arm, was thirsty, and just couldn't get comfortable in her bed. Around 7:30am she started to whimper and cry. Her day time nurse arrived and came in just as I was helping Sanaa to the bathroom.  Once Sanaa went to the bathroom she seemed a little better. Her doctor came in around 8am and said she wanted to keep Sanaa until the afternoon since Sanaa hadn't eaten anything and had had very little to drink. The amount of fluid coming from her I.V. was decreased so my job for the day was to encourage Sanaa to eat and drink.

Sanaa ordered a pancake and scramble eggs for breakfast. She had 3-4 bites of the pancake but did not like the eggs at the hospital. She also had some apple juice and tiny bit of milk to drink. She really liked her lunch. She ordered a grilled cheese sandwich and chocolate ice cream.

I finally got a smile from my girl and knew that the fluids from her I.V. were working their magic.

This was at the end of the day when Sanaa was tired of being in the hospital and ready to go home. She got to watch tv all day but never could get comfortable because she had a splint on her arm to keep her from bending her elbow so the I.V. wouldn't get pulled out or pinched.

Around 3:30pm the doctor returned and since Sanaa had been able to drink and eat small amounts without throwing it up she was ready to discharge Sanaa. The nurse came in to take Sanaa's I.V. out and Sanaa screamed and kicked her legs. I was not prepared for that but held her down while the nurse removed the tape and took the needle out. I think part of Sanaa's screaming was due to the fact that she was extremely tired and ready to be done with the hospital. I got her discharge papers, packed up our stuff, and Sanaa was wheeled out to our van in a wheel chair.

So what were Nate, Layla, and Malakai up to? They were stuck at home since I had left with the van and taken all the carseats. Last night I had fully intended on coming home and was not prepared to spend the night in the hospital. Thankfully I had a fair amount of milk in the freezer but Malakai was one hungry boy during the night. Around 9am Nate informed me that Malakai had gone through 12 ounces during the night and only had 4 ounces left. He woke up twice to eat during the night. I was not expecting that. I had nursed Malakai before leaving and honestly thought he would only wake up once since that was his new pattern. And if he did wake up 8 ounces for one night should have been fine but apparently not.

The hospital gave me some breast pumps so I was able to pump while at the hospital and they stored the milk in a fridge for me. Our Children's Pastor from church was kind enough to come to the hospital, pick up the milk, and take it to Nate. Then around lunch time one of the moms from Sanaa's preschool (Cole's mom) came over and watched Layla and Malakai while Nate came to the hospital to visit Sanaa and pick up more milk. All in all, Malakai ended up eating 26 ounces in approximately a 20 hour period. I have no idea if that is normal amount since I nurse but it seems like a lot to me.

I am extremely grateful for the prayers and the help we received from friends at church and friends at Sanaa's school. I hope we never have a repeat of the past 24 hours but if we do I am aware that we have many friends around us who will immediately drop what they are doing to help us.

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