Friday, October 19, 2012

Our week - sick days and rainy days

This week didn't go as planned. On Monday I really wanted to stay home and have a pj day and watch movies. But then I remembered Malakai had his 4 month check up first thing in the morning so that didn't happen. Luckily his appointment was before it started raining. 

Wednesday night (around 11pm) Sanaa woke up crying but wouldn't say why. Then she started acting like she was going to throw up. I scooped her and rushed into the bathroom where she did throw up into the toilet. Ugh. Nate rocked Malakai who had woken up because it was snack time for him while I threw blankets on the floor next to our bed to make a temporary bed for Sanaa to sleep on. I didn't want her sleeping in her room in case she threw up more. And it's a good thing I did that. She threw up one more time and then fell asleep. 

She slept all night. In the morning she was acting much better and was hungry. However, her tummy did not appreciate the small amount of food she ate and she threw up shortly after breakfast. I knew I had to keep her home from school Thursday but she was so mad at me. She repeatedly told me that she was fine and had to go to school. She said she was all done throwing up.  I tried to make the morning fun by letting the girls watch a bunch of tv and a movie. But in Sanaa's eyes that still did not make up for the fact that I had kept her home from school.... especially since it was her show and tell day. Thankfully I made up for it today by taking her to Bible study which she also enjoys.

Sanaa told me she needed to clean the deck while it was raining on Monday. She was out there for a good hour playing in the rain while Layla and Malakai napped.

Layla reading an alphabet book. She has started to recognize many letters and will correctly identify them. Malakai really wanted to see what she was talking about.

Tuesday Layla "helped" me put away groceries by stacking them nicely on the counter. She was very proud of her tower of cans and mac & cheese.

On Wednesday aunt Karen and cousin Ariana came to visit and spend a few hours with us. It was a lot of fun! When they left we walked them out to their car because Sanaa and Layla are in a phase where they need to watch people leave so that they can wave goodbye. As we walked out to the driveway I saw a piece of plastic that looked like a straw. I thought I should probably pick it up and throw it away but I was holding Malakai and didn't want to lean down. Then Sanaa took a stick to hit the plastic straw and lo and behold the straw moved!!!! It was a baby snake! The girls were fascinated. I didn't let the girls get too close because the baby snake was mad and actually curled up and would strike at things that came to close. Aunt Karen stuck her foot out towards the snake and it tried to attack her shoe. Now I've learned that out here in the Willamette Valley there are no poisonous snakes but I'm not going to let the girls know that right now because they need to learn to be very careful around snakes.

This is a picture that Sanaa took of the snake. It's the tiny squiggle in the middle of the picture. So you can see just how little this baby snake was.

Since I didn't get to have a pj day on Monday we all stayed in our pjs on Thursday when I kept Sanaa home from school. I think the girls really enjoyed the chance to play outside in their pjs.

This afternoon the girls painted their pumpkins that they picked out at the pumpkin patch last week.

Layla proudly showing off her colorful pumpkin.

Sanaa told me she was painting a rainbow on her pumpkin.

Sanaa also painted two red people, a yellow sun, some green grass and a blue sky on her pumpkin.

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