Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Malakai's 4 month check up

Yesterday morning Malakai had his 4 month check up. He won't officially be 4 months old until Saturday but we at least got his check up and shots out of the way. He received two shots and one oral vaccine. I had hoped that the visit to the doctor would wear Malakai out but he hardly napped yesterday and was quite fussy. I think his fussiness was most likely due to the shots.

Malakai is growing very well. He is currently 13lb 10oz (18th percentile), 24 inches long (25th percentile) and has a head circumference of 16 inches (48th percentile). I guess his big head is the reason why the first hat I made him didn't fit! He currently wears 6 month clothing and started wearing some 6 month stuff around 3 months of age. At this point pretty much anything that is sized 3-6 month is too small. The only items he is still able to wear that is sized 3-6 months are his pjs but I think those are getting a little small as well.

He is still on his medication for reflux and spits up a lot. But the doctor is not concerned about that since he's still gaining weight at a good rate. The doctor did ask if I had thought about when to start solids and I replied that I'm in no hurry since that would mean I have one more kid to clean up after. Ha! The pediatrician said there is no rush and recommends waiting until 6 months anyway. So for now I'm holding off on the solids. If I get to the point where he has a full feeding and is still acting hungry then I might think about beginning solids. However, I do have quite a bit of milk in the freezer that we can give him as well. 

With Sanaa and Layla I couldn't wait to start feeding them solids but this time around I'm more than happy to hold off and wait for awhile. It's honestly hard to believe that he's old enough that I could start him on solids if I wanted.

I worked hard to get him to smile one evening while Sanaa and Layla were taking a bath and he absolutely refused to smile.

Malakai does enjoy the outdoors. In the late afternoon I can sit him outside on our patio in his bouncer while I cook dinner and he will happily looked around at things and watch his sisters run around the backyard. I took this picture a week or so ago before it started raining. Now the grass is quite wet (even though today is sunny) so it might be a few months before he gets to lay in the grass again.

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