Saturday, October 20, 2012

Malakai - 4 months old

Today Malakai is 4 months old. His personality is coming out more each day. He is starting to grab at toys and will kick his legs like crazy when I'm holding him. He giggles at his sisters and a couple of times Sanaa has gotten a big belly laugh from him. He coos a lot and sometimes will have a long "talk" with you. 

I can finally say that I think he is becoming a happier baby. His colic/reflux has not been as bad as the girls. I definitely have had some long, hard days but as I look back over the past 4 months I haven't cried nearly as much as I did when the girls were this young. So I can only take that to mean that Malakai is overall an easier baby or I've gotten much better at not letting the hard days distress me too much.

Over the past week Malakai has only woken up once during the night.  He will do an 8 hour stretch before getting up for a snack. Now if I would only go to bed when he did then I might get a good amount of sleep too! He isn't the best at taking naps. He takes short cat naps in the morning and that's probably because we're typically running around to different places. In the afternoon he'll take a good 2-3 hour nap (at least most days). Depending on when he gets up from his afternoon nap he is ready to go to bed at night somewhere between 6:30pm and 8:00pm.

He will only sleep on his tummy and started doing this shortly after he turned 2 months old. He has started to roll over more so many times I find him on his back when he wakes up. Sometimes he's not ready to wake up but he flipped himself over and that unfortunately woke him up. Unlike the girls, I can lay him down awake and most of the time he can put himself to sleep. I don't do this every time (because I really do enjoy rocking him since he is my last baby!). However, there have been many times that I knew he was tired but the girls needed me so I just laid him down. He would fuss but was often asleep by the time I had finished helping the girls.

Recently he has started to hold his own rattle and pull it up to his mouth to chew on. He is like Sanaa in that he will not take a pacifier but prefers to suck on two fingers. Currently the two fingers of choice are his middle finger and ring finger.

He is the only one lucky enough to have a baby swing. A very kind lady from our church gave us her swing that she was going to get rid of. At first I used it to help put him to sleep when he was really fussy. But now he likes to sit in it and watch what is going on around him.

He has also started to notice the toys on the swing and really concentrates at trying to get his hand to touch the toys.

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