Saturday, October 6, 2012

Headband obsession

Sanaa has a very unique style going on right now. Who knows, maybe she'll start the next hair trend. All the moms I run into at her preschool smile and compliment Sanaa on her hair. Roughly 3 weeks ago, Sanaa would only wear one head band at a time. Then the week of school pictures she decided she needed two headbands in her hair. I went with it. The headbands coordinated with each other so it wasn't so bad. Last week she made the jump to 3 headbands, 2 hair clips, and a pony tail. Oh, my word. She keeps everything in her hair all day which really impresses me. 

It was red day at school, so Sanaa decided she needed to add a red flower clip onto one of her headbands. And yes, I let her go to school like this. There is no arguing or persuading her differently so I just go with it. I'm sure one day she'll look at these pictures and ask me why I let her out of the house looking like this. I'll just smile and tell her to just wait until she has a daughter of her own. Then she'll understand.

A side view of how she accessorizes her hair.

Layla hasn't really been into headbands until today when she tried to fit about 6 or 7 on her head at once.

This is typically how Sanaa wears her hair now.

Doing a little pose for me as I snapped a picture.

Layla really wanted to be in the picture (see above photo where she had just run into the picture as I snapped it so I took another picture).

Headbands galore.

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Karen said...

This post brings me infinite happiness!! I love her hair!