Wednesday, October 31, 2012


We had a busy Halloween. At school Sanaa had a Harvest party and her teacher asked that all the kids wear western attire. I was surprised at how few kids wore anything western related in Sanaa's class. But at least Sanaa had fun. I was able to convince Sanaa to let me put two braids in her hair for something different and Layla wanted the same hair style today.

I love this picture of Sanaa and Layla hugging. They fight so much right now that to have a sweet picture like this makes my heart melt.

A shot of Layla's shirt and her braids (which are a little hard to see).

In the evening we dressed all three kids up and drove over to Newberg to trick or treat along the Main Street businesses. I did this last year with the girls and my mom and it was so nice to just walk from business to business that we decided to do it again this year. This year Nate and my dad got to tag along as well. The girls had fun and were not shy about walking up to store employees and asking for candy. They each came home with quite a bucket full!

Our butterfly, princess, and puppy dog.

After trick or treating we went to my parents house to eat pizza and hang out with uncle Ryan, aunt Karen, and cousin Ariana. Ariana sure was cute in her pumpkin outfit!

Ariana and Malakai. Malakai looks huge next to Ariana. Ariana is 10 months old and Malakai is 4 months old!

Malakai laughing at his sisters who were working behind the camera to get Ariana and Malakai to smile.

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