Saturday, October 27, 2012

And the curtains came tumbling down

Have you ever been so angry with your child that all you could do was walk away? I have. It happened yesterday. A couple of weeks ago I mentioned how Layla has figured out how to climb up onto the window sill from her crib. She did it twice and then stopped (at least as far as I'm aware) until yesterday when I heard a lot of noise coming from her room during nap time. I checked on her and found that she had been sitting on her window sill (at least that's what she told me with her limited vocabulary) and the curtains came down. I was able to get the curtains back up and tucked her in bed hoping she'd fall asleep now. Nope. She continued to play. An hour later she unplugged everything in her room and then started kicking at her door while yelling for me.

This time I opened the door and discovered she had pulled the curtains down a second time. I was mad. Very mad. The curtain rod was bent and the screws had literally been pulled out of the wall. (The previous owners had installed all the the curtain rods and hadn't used those plastic screw support things that you pound into the wall before using a screw.)

I took this picture and then walked away. Layla knew I was mad and followed me out to the living room where she hugged me and said, "I sorry mommy. Sorry mommy." It's hard to stay mad for too long when you hear that.

Once I calmed down I went back to the girls room to fix things. I started by taking Layla's crib apart. It's currently in multiple pieces in our dining room awaiting a new home somewhere in our garage. Then I pulled out the trundle bed and placed Layla's crib mattress on the trundle bed. The crib mattress isn't long enough to cover the entire trundle bed and since there are slats that little arms and legs can get stuck in I used the pad from our pack 'n' play to cover the rest of the trundle bed.

Here is the view from the doorway after the room had been rearranged.

This is the view from the other side of their room (I'm standing in their closet.)

The girls think the new room setup is awesome. Sanaa thanked me for her "pretty new room." For now, the room will stay this way. I had thought about buying a second twin mattress but their room is so tiny that  to pull the trundle bed all the way out would not leave much room for walking. So at some point we'll end up purchasing bunk beds for the girls. However, I don't plan to make that purchase until next summer at the earliest. Layla has too much monkey in her and I don't need her playing on the top bunk and then falling off.

And here is a picture of Malakai hanging out in his exersaucer. I thought I'd include this just because.

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