Friday, September 28, 2012

The end of summer

Last week we had some really nice warm weather. Then the calendar stated that it was fall and suddenly we were waking up to much cooler temperatures. I took these pictures last week as the girls enjoyed the warm weather. We've had some nice days this week as well and I've been making it a point to let the kids play outside as much as possible before the rainy, cooler weather begins and we're stuck inside for weeks on end.

The girls played in our sprinkler as I watered the grass. At first they were in their swimsuits but then they wanted to use their raincoats as well.

A picnic outside. Our one cat, Keldorn, joined them. He did try to sniff their food a few times but the girls scolded him for that.

Sanaa made a special veggie sandwich with tomatoes, pickles, lettuce, and cheese. She insisted that she needed a healthy sandwich and wanted to use a tomato from our garden so I let her make it. She didn't end up eating it but did take two bites which impressed me. Since we started a garden this year I've noticed that she's started to become more willing to eat and try a wider variety of foods (especially vegetables).

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