Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sanaa's first day of Preschool

Today was Sanaa's first day of preschool. It seems like everyone else in the country has been back in school for awhile. I'm not use to school beginning so late but the schools out here don't begin until after Labor Day. Sanaa was very excited about going back to school. Last Thursday we went to school to meet her teacher at an open house. Sanaa will be attending school three mornings a week.

It was chilly when we left the house this morning (only in the upper 40's) so we're already breaking out the jackets.

When we arrived at school Sanaa asked if her friend Cole was there. Cole is her little boyfriend and pretty much the only friend she talked about last year. She also talked about him quite often this summer and told me that when she grows up she is going to be a princess and Cole is going to be her duke. Unfortunately, Cole isn't in her class this year. He is in the class next door to her but they do get to see each other out on the playground. It was a lot of fun seeing how excited Sanaa got when she saw Cole at the open house last week. I want to find out from his mom which elementary school he'll be attending next year. It would be neat if Sanaa and Cole ended up at the same school but there are several elementary schools around us so I doubt they'll be at the same school.

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Kristen said...

when did these girls get so big?!? :)