Sunday, September 16, 2012

Recap of our week

Our week was busy and exhausting. I hardly took any pictures this week. The first three pictures are from a couple of weeks ago and I just never got them on the blog. The last picture is from this week.

All of our fall/school activities began this week. Sanaa started preschool and is loving it. BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) started back up and we're studying Genesis. The Rose City Flute Choir began their fall practice schedule, the girls began swimming lessons (just once a week) and MOPS (Mother's of Preschoolers) started. And my dryer broke. Just dandy. Our new dryer will be delivered this coming Thursday but until then I have laundry hanging all over the place in the dining room. During the day I've been able to set some laundry outside to dry but I only have one drying rack so not everything fits. I'm just glad the dryer broke before the rains started. This week we still have nice sunny warm weather for me to dry our clothes in.

MOPS is something new that I'm doing this year. There are several MOPS groups around but the one I am a part of is at our church. A few weeks ago I attended a meeting at church to discuss the upcoming year because all of the MOPS leaders from last year had to step down for one reason or another. Our church wanted to keep the MOPS program going but had no leaders. Me and the other two moms that attended the meeting were asked to be the new leaders. I have never been a part of MOPS and neither has one of the other moms so it's been fun (and thankfully not too stressful) planning and preparing for the new year. 

So this week wore us out. By Thursday the girls were quite tired and Layla was having meltdown after meltdown. Malakai was just Malakai and spent a good majority of the days crying unless I held him. Sanaa was tired too and had a few meltdowns of her own. Today was a little better but thankfully we don't have anywhere to go on Mondays so we'll be using that day to rest and prepare for the week ahead.

Here are some pictures of the kids.

This is one of the few pictures I took this week. I let the girls "wash" the dishes. Layla LOVED the chance to play in the water but Sanaa got bored rather quickly. Also, Layla decided that Friday and Saturday would be shirtless days. She would not keep her shirt on and if I tried to put one on she would  get mad. So as long we were at home I let her run around without a shirt. There are some battles just not worth fighting.

On Friday and Saturday Nate had the opportunity to attend a mission's conference (Work and Witness) with my dad. This is an annual conference that the Nazarene church holds. Nate came back very excited about the various opportunities he heard about. One opportunity fits his skill set so well that we're praying and thinking about just sending Nate to Bolivia in February as part of a tech team. Later next year (sometime in the summer) I hope to join my dad when he goes to Guatemala. My dad has made trips down to Guatemala about every two years or so and I've always wanted to go with him. However, there has always been some reason I couldn't. I was in school, I just had a baby, I didn't have any vacation days, or something. But next year, I think I can finally go and I really want to!

Today Sanaa asked to go to China. She asks nearly every day and I'm not sure what her obsession with China is about but I asked her if going to Guatemala would be okay and she gave me a big smile and said, "Yes!" So maybe I can even take Sanaa with me (and Layla?). We'll see. I do think it would be awesome to start taking our kids on short mission trips so that we could introduce them to the world around us and the needs that other people have.

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