Thursday, September 20, 2012

Malakai - 3 months old

Today Malakai is celebrating his 3 month birthday. He has become a lot more interactive with us over this past month. He gives Sanaa and Layla big smiles. He coos quite often if he's not screaming and Sanaa has even gotten him to laugh a couple of times. I really want to capture his laugh on video but I never get the camera out in time.

He still isn't the happiest baby (although these pictures show a different story). I'm convinced he has colic. The doctor has increased his reflux medication several times over the past month and while it helps him nurse without crying it hasn't help with the overall fussiness. A typical day includes Malakai crying/screaming whenever we get in the car (which lasts 10-15 minutes) and crying/fussing for a good 2-3 hours in the afternoon and evening. He'll start fussing while I'm making dinner and continue while I bathe the girls, read them stories, and tuck them in bed. During the evening he might have a few minutes that he's calm but if I have to lay him down or place him in his chair then he lets me have it. I dread the evening routine and since Nate's commute is longer out here he typically is only home to help with the evenings on his days off. Some weeks he might get one early shift but most weeks Nate doesn't make it home until after the kids are in bed.

However, yesterday was actually a good day! Malakai still screamed in the car but for the first time in weeks he let me lay him down and he played instead of screaming. Granted, that didn't last long but it sure beats hearing him scream the instant I lay him down. Today has been another fairly good day where he's only cried in the car. Hopefully this afternoon and evening go well too.

Since Malakai was in a good mood after I put Layla down for her nap I took some quick 3 month pictures of him. This morning was such a rush that I didn't manage to get him dressed. But since it's a cool day I figure he can just stay in his pjs.

Sanaa joined the photo sessions this month.

Malakai has started batting at toys that hang above him and is very interested in looking at toys. I can tell he'd love to grab ahold of his toys but just hasn't figured out how to do that yet.

Malakai is a tummy sleeper. He sleeps that way for naps and at night. I was hesitant to have him sleep on his tummy at night but he hates being put on his back to sleep. There have been several times during the night that he's rolled onto his back and he'll wake up. When that happens he typically thinks it's play time and it'll take a good hour to get him back down. Yesterday I found him sleeping on his side sucking on his two middle fingers. He's definitely going to be a finger sucker like Sanaa.

Malakai has also started pushing with his legs. A couple of times I have laid him on his mat so that he can bat at his toys but a few minutes later he is crying because he's pushed himself backwards and his head against the coffee table and he can't see his toys. I know he's not doing this intentionally but I'm surprised he's already started doing that.

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Kristen said...

He's so cute!!! I can't believe he's 3 months!!